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  1. are you using licorice for cable insulation
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  2. Just had my car serviced today. 500 euro, meh.

    Car used to have rough idle, trouble starting, they added some fuel system cleaner additive to the fuel. Runs much much smoother now. Always thought it was snake oil, guess not.
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  3. It typically is.
  4. ffs that really sucks.
  5. wow
    what a pain in the ass
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    I drove through water that was a touch too deep early this morning. The engine died when i was about 20m short of being clear from the flood.

    I think I've killed the car. I had it recovered to my home but I still need to get it to a garage I guess.

    Buying a shitbox will almost certainly be cheaper than getting the ST fixed, if I really have killed it.

    Hate myself right now.
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    That fucking sucks. Change the oil and plugs, make sure there is no water in the intake hose, then try starting it again. If all else fails, swap a Focus RS motor in it.
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  8. Maybe relevant:
  9. Ouch...
  10. Well ****

    Have you tried starting it?
  11. Yes, and I think that was part of the issue.

    It's in the garage now being looked at. I may have to hire a car for a few days. currently borrowing my colleague's wife's 2004 C-Max but will need to give that back in a couple of days.
  12. How inexpensive is Uber there? I've taken several 30min trips and only paid around $25. Granted, it was around 2am each time.
  13. Unsure what the Uber rates are over here tbh.

    I took a taxi in to work on Sunday which was £30. I really can't afford to spend £60 a day just getting to work and back so we'll see what happens I guess. I may be cycling or walking for a bit, but yeah I'll see what the garage says tomorrow. I'm fully expecting "you need a new engine, mate" but I'm crossing my fingers that they were able to get it running.
  14. Thinking of upgrading the wife-mobil to one of these. Took one for a test drive, and its pretty great for the price -
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  15. Damn, how deep was this water?! Might just have clogged cooler piping if you managed to limp it home?
  16. I didn't manage to limp it home! A good Samaritan in a Nissan Patrol towed me out of the water, and once out I was able to get my own breakdown recovery to attend (they initially said they would not attend if my car was still in the flood water).

    The water was not very deep. At the point I ground to a halt, it was only just up to the underside of the car - didn't even get the door seals wet. The car is pretty low at the front from the factory,. I was going 10mph in second and chose to try a downshift to 1st to keep the revs high, but being that I was travelling through water at the time the car stopped almost immediately.

    What didn't help at all was that there was an utter bellend in a van behind me, right up my arse, beeping as I was trying to crawl through. The bow wave off the front of his van probably went straight up my exhausts.
  17. I'll hear more about the car tomorrow. Today the garage spent time getting the water out of where it shouldn't be, and getting it all dried up.

    Fingers crossed It's not fully dead.
  18. So that's not your thing?

    I think it'll be fine. Perhaps the wave from the dick holster behind you clogged up the exhaust which would just cause the car to die without damage.
  19. So, there is a development.

    Had a call from the garage who explained what they'd done so far. On stripping things down they found the following things full of water:


    So yeah it got all the way in. They emptied everything out yesterday and got it all drying out, and today they got the engine turning by hand, and he said it looks like its still got compression! Plugged in for a diagnostic test and it looks like an injector might be dead, and a coil pack too, but he knows a guy who is breaking an ST so he's sourcing those parts from there.

    So essentially it doesn't look terminal at this stage. Still not out of the woods yet but it looks promising. If this works I'll basically be paying for a full service, an injector, a coil pack, and some labour which comes to less than half the cost of a used complete engine (not fitted).
  20. I still say just swap the RS motor in it :cool:
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  21. Fingers crossed, man. Water in the cylinders is bad news.
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  22. james! you're like one of those guys on REALTV

    are you sure it fully hydrolocked or did it just get air starved

    edit : disregard I should have read all the replies

    Hoping for the best you were so happy when you bought that car
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  24. This is more insane than Lizard Lick

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