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    The honeymoon period is definitely over. I've spent more on repairing this car in the few months I've owned it than I did in 5 years of Mondeo ownership.

    I still love the car. It's a lot of fun to drive and the noises it makes (exhaust bangs, turbo spool, 5cyl warble etc) are really addictive and satisfy my petrolheadedness every time I drive it (I think that's what James May referred to as "the fizz"), but it's bankrupting me. Every time something happens it pushes me closer to cutting my losses and finding something cheaper to run.
  2. Yeah to be honest it was my worst nightmare but because the mechanic was able to hand-turn the engine I'm hoping that this means that there aren't any bent rods, and as it appears to be holding compression when they hand-turn it the piston rings are possibly still fine and the valves aren't bent. Of course the real acid test would be when they attempt to properly start it tomorrow so I'm still keeping my fingers crossed.
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  3. I was looking on eBay just to see how much engines are. There's a standard ST225 engine for sale at the moment with 71k miles on it (my car has 70k on it, so it would be a good match) - £1650, then whatever it will cost to fit it. so easily topping £2k all in, I'm sure.

    There's a seller on there selling RS engines in various stages of modification (no ancillaries). 450hp potential for £2750, all the way up to 800hp potential for £5495.

    If I won the lottery I'd probably do it for the lols.
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  4. Totally overlooked this. looool
  5. This is only acceptable because you have a Corvette and the VL as well.
  6. Well she is upgrading from a diesel Hyundai i30.
  7. Just had a call from the garage.

    The good news is that the engine starts up, and apparently sounds great.

    The bad news is that the turbo is toast, so taking into account the cost of a new turbo and the labour for fitting it, the repair bill has jumped from £700 to £1900.

    I can't manage that. I'm going to have to see whether I can borrow the money but this may be the end of my time with this car. I'm so gutted.
  8. I'm converting that to AU$ and holy shit thats expensive.
    ebay turbo.....
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  9. I was going to say swap that shit out yourself. Then I saw where it's at and you have to remove the drive shaft. Holy ****, that's a stupid place to put a turbo.
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  10. Yeah turbo's are super expensive, that's why i bought a car without one.

    I don't know how much power the turbo delivers in your Focus, but maybe you can drive the car without the turbo?
  11. I drove my Regal without the supercharger belt connected and it ran fine, just slower. I'd imagine his car would seem like it's towing a house. My engine was older, who knows what sensors will get pissy without a functioning turbo.
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  12. damn

    cut a hole in the floorboard and use your feet
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  13. Look who came to support me during this emotional time. IMAG0049.jpg
  14. *Yaris Hilton Intensifies*
  15. I told you nobody would recognise me without makeup
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  16. You do have that empty death stare that all finns have.
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  17. Two fine caucasian specimens there.
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  18. It's not empty! There's something behind the eyes.
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  19. We should make a fine Caucasian baby
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  20. but

    bbut it appears to be pure darkness
  21. Well I'm rather chuffed to get treehoused with vman because he's really not a ****, quite the opposite.

    5/7 would recommend.
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  22. Likewise! I really enjoyed spending time with you, and it was nice to find out you aren't a ****, either.

    @Baklava @SEABEE I can assure you both that he isn't dead inside
  23. Just kidding Toivo, you look lovely.
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  24. Oh how we've all grown up.
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  25. is that fascist hair cut

    in America we call that the Richard Spencer

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