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  1. I heard those filthy alt right people drink water too. That's how you know when you are around a racist, they've got a big bottle of Ozarka water.
  2. In Europe we call it the Adolf Hitler

    Edit: to seabee
  3. Not sure how much I should talk about at this point, but I'll just say that I wish it was that simple. Will definitely do a full write up when the time comes.
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  4. tuuka please take another picture where you make eye contact with the camera
    I want to know if you are real human being

    james and tuuka tell us what you did together and what you talked about
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  5. We ate pie, and we got pretty drunk and I talked about how incomplete I am as a human being.

    Also, Tuukka cooked some bomb-ass lamb fajita/soft taco dish, with some fresh salsa and avocado and all that jazz, which tasted really awesome. He's got some skills.
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  6. I hope it all works out in your favour. What a bummer that you're having to go through this.
  7. JAmes stop!
  8. Loool. Okok I'll give it a rest.
  9. It better have been corn tortillas.
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  10. Yes I'm fUcking real

    We went to TESCO and then we went to ASDA (ALDI was also contemplated).
  11. It was crumpets
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  12. That fucking sucks.
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  13. This also fucking sucks
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  14. [​IMG]
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  15. Just bought some C5 Z06 wheels for my C4.
    I dont hate the originals, so I'll keep them spare.

    currently 16x8.5 fronts and 16x9.5 rears
    C5s are 17x9.5 fronts and 18x10.5 rears

    C4 with original wheels

    C4 with the C5 wheels
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  16. Wtf you're not incomplete, at least not more so than anyone I know.
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  17. what are you working on lately
  18. Usually I'm not a fan of newer style wheels on older cars. They often look out of place.

    This works though.
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  19. This pic makes me laugh every time
  20. That's racist.
  21. Mostly Porsche’s these days. When Ferrari became its own company again they will no longer will sell me parts. So besides the classic stuff I haven’t worked on one in about 3 years. Been playing with some older American stuff lately and the occasional English car here and there.
  22. Ferrari cars are cool, the company is a bunch of twats.
  23. Aight, so I couldnt quite get the Santa Fe down to the price I wanted, so I'm looking at some other options.

    I'm thinking something like this; low km, 2012 BMW X5 .... OR 2017 Kia Sorento, high km, but still has 4.5 years warranty...

    Both are 7 seats, both have 8 speed autos, both have active cruise control, although the Kia has lane assist aswell.
    I'm not sure what is a better buy. The korean is more up to date and practically the same as the Santa Fe I wanted, but surely the German is still much nicer to drive?
  24. Good to see you back
  25. And probably much more expensive to repair.

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