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  1. I've got a panel van/time machine, and I'm good with knots.
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  2. I kind of want this exhaust.
  3. I guess I bought one yesterday.

    Question: In this context, which is the correct English verb? To rent or to hire a car?
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  4. I enjoy watching this guy's videos. Guy is batshit insane, but funny

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  5. in my vernacular, to rent or hire a car is to borrow one from a company for a few days then give it back. Generally people would say they had bought a car even if they are financing it instead of paying all the money up front outright.

    Maybe you're leasing?
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  6. I was just wondering whether to hire and to rent were interchangeable. I financed my car because I don't have $20k lying around. If I did, I wouldn't have bought a Fiesta.
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  7. Hire and rent are interchangeable, sometimes.

    I could rent a car or I could hire a car and I'd expect the same service, but I wouldn't hire a house. I would rent one.
  8. Oh, and I'm pretty close to changing my car. The Mondeo has reached the end of it's useful life (for me) and is most definitely uneconomical to repair.

    I'm gonna get a hot hatch (probably a warm hatch by today's standards) like I should have done 10 years ago.

    guessing game time!
  9. Hyundai i30N
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  10. Toyota Cavalier
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  11. Nissan Sunny GTI-R
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  12. youre a single man with no plans for kids why not a miata

    too gay?
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  13. A bit but tbh the Miata image doesn't bother me. They're just not quick enough really. I need a bit of a Swiss army knife of a car, hence a hatchback

  14. V6 Swap it. Quick enough
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  15. I love those V6 swap kits. They're amazing and crazy expensive
  16. Pulls like a train! Warblewarblewarble.

    Cool engine. Keep thinking I'm in fourth when I'm actually in sixth. Max torque from 1600rpm.
  17. what car are you talking about

    tuuka did you buy a fiesta st
  18. No, I bought the 92 kW variant that displaces a hefty 998 cubic centimetres. I contemplated purchasing the ST for a while but decided against it immediately after testing one. You could technically use one as a daily driver, but only if you're some advanced kind of masochist.
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  19. I'm trying to get someone to guess!

    the clues so far are:

    hot hatch
    cool engine

    if I gave you any more clues about the engine, you'd figure it out. this is also a clue.
  20. it is used, and it's over 10 years old
  21. what continent
  22. civic type r?
  23. He mentioned torque, so no
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  24. Right

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