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  1. its a diesel
  2. I think about sport versions of cars I like, but I wonder how much I would actually enjoy the sporty nature (and associated cost)
    I dont drive fast typically, I drive in traffic a lot, and I rarely ever drive for pleasure. I just want what driving I do to be fun
    Like, I doubt I'd buy an m3 at this point, I think a 335 would be more satisfying to own
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    sounds like maybe some big engined diesel alfa romeo, i dont know what else makes that much tq so low, or a Mini or Megane
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    It is not a diesel

    EDIT: first tank of Shell Vpower 99 - 25mpg.
  5. Clio v6
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  6. I wish! If only I had £30k to blow
  7. I put some non junk wheels and some chunky tires on the 4Runner. It'll make a fun trail rig this summer.

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  8. And the only hot hatch we had 10+ years ago was a GTI, and I can't see Vman going with something that boring.
  9. Well you said something with a cool engine so maybe an inline 5. Like an 850 or maybe a Jetta or golf.

    Edit: forgot the hot hatch part. Maybe an older Focus. Or WRX
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  10. I'm gonna give the win to you, since you are so close with your. inline 5 is right. Focus is right.

    2007 Focus ST, like this:


    It basically feels like I'm driving just an engine around on its own. It's fun
  11. A mk5 GTI was on the shortlist, but yeah kinda boring to me.

    That and the only ones you see these days have stupid camber and stretched tyres on pink rotas
  12. Sweet! I wish we got that version of it here. My favorite version by far
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    I should have done this years ago. When you change up and it pulls just as hard in 4th as it did in 3rd... hnng

    EDIT: despite this, I'm already looking up how much a full exhaust, intercooler upgrade, and a remap would cost. 300/300 hp/tq sounds like it would be fun
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  14. Cool car! Not a big fan of the interior but they sound great
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  15. How much did you pay for it? How many miles?
  16. Also i think it's kind of funny that we have a car thread on a forum specifically for cars. That shows how dead this site is.
  17. 60k miles, full service history (incl all belts and water pump), £5500

    Yeah the interior is pretty rubbish. I've been driving a 2005 Mondeo for 5 1/2 years so it instantly feels like home lol. Same gearknob, same seating position, same radio controls on the steering column. Way better seat though.
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  18. Jesus christ that's cheap for such a low mileage car. Nice buy!
  19. Incremental performance increases make hot hatches such as these feel a tad less asboish over time. The 5-cylinder is a gem, I'll drop over some day to test drive it. Such a cool purchase.

    How much did you pay for insurance, btw?
  20. in proper ford blue aswell? i hate the light blue of the newer focuseses
  21. Comprehensive insurance is £900 for me. If I lived in a better area with a garage it would probably be half that amount. As I live where I live and can only park on the street... :eek:
  22. Yeah it's the proper blue like that picture. No stripes either.
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  23. Put the new tires to work, immediately.

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  24. Get a '92 Sciracco. I always thought they looked cool.

    BMW update?
  25. I've already bought the Ford!

    EDIT: my dad used to have one of those Sciroccos, come to think of it. All I remember was that it was brown, and it didn't have a radio

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