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  1. Better power/weight ratio!
    That and the SVX were the old school Japanese cars I liked back then. Both very sporty looking for the time.
  2. An SVX is on my practically endless bucket list of cars.
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  3. would those even still be good to drive
  4. It's a good point. Maybe not? Were they sporty in their era or more of a GT car? It's one of those oddball cars I guess. A front engine flat 6 is probably a cool thing to drive around. 230hp would still be quick enough.

    They only came in auto I think. So that probably means it wasn't super sporty.
  5. They seemed chunky even back then
    maybe I should look up some contemporary reviews
  6. Few random things on my C4. It was delivered to Japan (although its LHD still)
    Trip buttons listed as KM, and Temp in Celsius .... I assume thats not normal?

    20190410_132447 small.jpg 20190410_132519 small.jpg
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  7. Driving LHD in Japan means you're fancy
  8. Are cars lhd or rhd in australia?
  9. I just read that Amsterdam is gonna ban petrol cars.

    Another reason to avoid that city.
  10. Good, fucking plebs should buy new electric cars.
  11. RHD
  12. Uhhhhh, update is that this weekend makes a year since I dropped it off to start the project.

    Hopefully coming down the home stretch, builder has everything pretty well sorted out. I'm supposed to go pick it up May 27th.

    Until something else blows up, anyway.
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  13. Holy ****, a year! Didn't you just get another transmission that has to be worked a little to fit?
  14. RHD, so having a car in LHD is a bit of novelty here.... Especially since you can only register LHD cars on the east coast after theyre 30 years old for some unknown reason
  15. Isn't that a pain in the ass to drive then?
  16. Mechanically it's pretty close to a straight swap (lengthen the driveshaft, run some extra oil lines), it's the brain that's difficult. The S85 V10 ecu/dme was only designed for the old single clutch, and the new DCT was only designed to work with the newer V8 cars. Builder found out its easier to add two cylinders (and all related parameters) to the modern transmission ecu than it was to teach the V10 how to use the newer gearbox.

    It's a mess, and it's why it's never been done before.
  17. Dang, crazy stuff. You should definitely get into some car magazines with that.
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  18. Seriously. Do the rounds of the magazines and YouTube people like Matt Farah
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  19. Aside from the fact I cant use drive-thrus, not at all
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  20. Same setup as my car. Except yours is sooooo clean. I'm jealous
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  21. Yours has Celsius and KM??

    Its not that clean up close, Bunch of stone chips on the front and bottom sides. Black paint all around the windscreen is flaking. I really need to get new seat leather and door panels. seems decent.. But all those websites have insane shipping costs to Australia :(
  22. Yes mine does. Canadian car.

    Mine is in terrible shape cosmetically. But mechanically it's near perfect now
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