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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Baklava, Mar 3, 2019.

  1. BLYAT
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  2. judging by the quality of driving you see on the russian dash cam videos, this should be a standard car over there.
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  3. Belgium and Germany too. But germans and tanks is not a good combination i think.
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  4. Came across this


    Now i want to buy one
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  5. Sweet car!
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  6. Thanks man! :D
  7. Do it or no balls.
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  9. I was googling CL140

    Came across that. Just thought it looked cool.
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  10. 91 000 € seems like a lot of money for that car. V12 W140s in similar condition go for about a third of the price. I'm not convinced that ~70 kW is worth 60 000.

    I really want a W140 but I have no place/confidence to maintain one yet.
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  11. Just said goodbye to my Seat on thursday. Today i picked up my new Mazda. I had to jumpstart it lih.
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  12. I want one of the old 8 series BMWs. Purely based on looks. I dont know anything about them except that they came with V8s or V12s.
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  13. They're sexy as hell. Rarely see them anymore though.
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  14. the time to buy an 850 (V12) was 10 years ago when they were £6-8k. They're at least double that now, or triple for a nice one with low mileage
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  16. Took some pics after cleaning

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  17. I really like the design of the newest mazda 3
  18. Yeah me too. Also, they're only one of the few companies that still produce naturally aspirated engines. That's cool.
  19. omg lol they put the wheel on the wrong side. idiots!
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  20. No u
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  21. srsly though, heated seats ftw.
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  22. Haven't tried them yet, because summer heat. But yeah must be nice
  23. I loved my Mazda3. Sold it and am back in a truck which I hate, but it was a smart financial decision, especially with the utility when I bought a new house. I missed a car so much I recently picked up a 1991 Miata to fill the itch.
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  24. Any problems you've encountered?
  25. None at all in the 140k miles I had mine. I had the speed3 too which was more finicky than an NA engine. Yours should last a long time if you keep up with normal maintenance. Nice car.
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