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  1. Looking for a new car. I have my mind on these. Which one should i get?
  2. none

    is your current car not better than all of those ... it has to be ...whatever it is
  3. i have a bicycle.

    and they're great cars actually. i sat in all of them and im especially impressed with kia and hyundai. 5 years ago i looked down on them, now i really like them.
  4. I got a Hyundai Santa Fe XL

    Tested everything out there and nothing beat the features/price

    guess I thought you had a golf
  5. i used to. it blew up a couple of years ago.
  6. New Mazda 2 looks pretty nice.
    Probably that or the i20.
  7. If I had a gun to my head I'd get a Mazda 2 out of those choices.

    Failing a threat on my life I'd get something used, and better for the same money.
  8. i will be leasing it. so 2nd hand isn't really an option.
  9. 1gen Mazda2 was pretty light and back to basics. How is the new one?

    Saw the new Renault Twingo live, it does look as cheap as it is inside. Still like the looks and rwd layout.
  10. i believe its still under a 1000kg
  11. Ah.

    ok ok, for reals, VW Polo/Mazduh
  13. vw pheaton or an s2000
  14. The Polo is quite nice. It's like a modern day Golf.
  15. Im not 18 anymore lol
  16. I have a Hyundai i30, and if thats anything to go by, the i20 should be fantastic.
  17. Get yourself a new Mustang with 14.7 litre turbotronic intercooled exhaust and custom profiled thingeribobs and 15 canisters of nitrous.
  18. This or the Mazda 2
  19. The Mazda 2 is pretty good. I'd buy one.
  20. why does your new car have to look like a little shoe?
  21. I wrote off my car the other day, I need a new car, and seeing as I just bought a house that needs a few hundred thousand put into it, Im torn about how much to spend. I really should buy a piece of shit.
  22. lol. this is the point where you define 'piece of shit' as a new e-class or something
  23. Just a basic e class with a basic v8 engine and basic massage seats

    No big deal just basic
  24. Just a basic E63. You know, no frivolous spending so I won't need the S package.

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