Carbon Fibre wheels?

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  1. Wont the wheel sorta deform at high speed turns and stuff?
  2. who knows, i've never herd of cf wheels. i know that stuff is strong but i guess i never really considered it exactly wheel material.
  3. The Britten motorcycle had carbon fibre wheels back in the early nineties. I can't see why they wouldn't work on a car
  4. What, you mean like aluminium wheels DON'T do? CF is about 5 times stronger than Alu and less than 2/3 of the weight
  5. yes, but carbon fibre is more brittle and so requires very expensive processing to make them suitable for wheel use.
  6. I think that the people at koenigsegg know what theyre doing. the wheels might be carbon re enforced, but who knows. CF has worse load bearing characteristics then aluminum, so ill just guess that its a carbon fibre reenforced wheel.
  7. I bet MikeDesign is close to whatever Koenigsegg did. I highly doubt they'd make wheels that they knew wouldnt take whatever they were going to throw at it.
  8. the wheels are hot every thing on this thin is hot!!! AAAAHH!!
  9. the wheels are hot every thing on this thing is hot!!! AAAAHH!!
  10. the wheels are hot every thing on this thing is hot!!! AAAAHH!!
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    dymag makes carbon fiber wheels for motorcycles. They have a one-piece all cf wheel as well as a multi-piece cf/magnesium wheel where the outside of the wheel is carbon and the spokes are magnesium. i think the cf/magnesium wheel is what we'll most likely see on the ccx because making a one-piece all cf 19" wheel (possibly 20" for the rear) is probably very difficult and expensive.

    here's the link for the dymag website if anyone's interested:
  12. carbon fiber is as strong as steel if not stronger, and weighs about the same as a thick plastic piece. and they make carbon fiber wheels. 3 problems with them. they're about 1200 a piece, limited designs and sizes (they're not even a year old though), and they're only made for cars. more along the lines of street legal race cars on a light diet. as for strength, like i said carbon fiber can be stronger than steel, and they only use it in the center section. still uses a steel rim, bonded two piece design, and i think it used steel liners in the holes for the wheel studs. last i saw of them was mid last year and made by a single company. came in a 5 spoke design very much like the new C6's.
  13. makes sense. Thanks
  14. If you guys look in the "bigger pic" thread (or something like that) and take a look at the first picture, look at the front left wheel. The spokes and hub are made of aluminum, and what's holding the air and rubber is carbon fiber.
  15. I'm sure it's magnesium.
  16. magnesium alloy.

    EDIT: The spokes are magnesium alloy, while the actual wheel (the bit behind the spokes) is CF.
  17. Thanks for repeating what everybody already knows.
  18. Considering the possible price of this thing, I don't think Carbon Fibre wheels are impossible. If made thick enough in a proper overlapping cross weave, and stress tested, I believe CF wheels are possible. I do remember the John Britton racing bike..very impressive. Everything was CF cept the motor. There was no frame. Front and rear suspension was bolted on to the Motor...and the gas tank and fairings bolted to wherever they can put a screw hole. I wish someone would try and reverse engineer one, and produce it. I'd buy one.
  19. CF is very, very strong in tension, but this is in compression, where it is very weak (think Chinese finger trap). We had some CF pushrods for our inboard suspension, but only used it for show. For racing, we changed out to the metal ones. Granted, that was years ago and CF has had major leaps since. Look at F1 - they use CF on their entire suspension setup and seem to have minimal problems (Kimi comes to mind, though, for problems <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    I'm going to assume the major load-bearing pieces are metalic on this wheel, and say it will not matter that much. Remember the centrepital (sic?) force is acting on the rims as much as the road surface. All in all, cool looking wheels, but I don't much care for the look of unpainted CF (I love the spray pattern that allows the weave to show through when close, but dissapears when farther away).
  20. Hmm seems strange...they no wht their doin n it obivously works

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