carnaval and pot

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  1. I'm sure you guys know that Carnaval is the biggest holiday here in Brazil. Even though it is only an official holiday on one day, which this year was Febuary 28th, we have almost an entire week off. This year I had days off from thursday, febuary 23rd, to wednesday, march 1st.

    So I spent the holidays at Sandra's place, which is a fantastic apartment, by the way.

    Sandra lives with her son, Paulo Vitor, who's 19, and her sister, Jacqueline, who's 40. Both of them were out of town for the holidays, so Sandra and I had the place for ourselves only. We had the most fun and did all crazy things.

    On Tuesday, we were drunk and messing around when we found this huge stash of pot in her son's closet. LOL. Drunk as we were, we decided to do it. I had never done pot before and it was kind of fun. It helped that I was drunk at the same time.

    So, anyhow, it was fun, funny, bit not so exciting. I get a greater rush when I drink my socks off.

    I won't be doing it again any time soon.

    And I had so much sex these days I lost count and my peepee hurts.
  2. your peepee hurts?!?

    Toughen up and take it like man!

    And smack her son for being a dumbass!
  3. Violence!!
  4. Sounds nearly Dutch, except for that we don't hide our pot =)
  5. Drunk + pot + chick? Now that's a killer recipe!
  6. True dat niggah.
  7. My gf got pregnant at Carnaval.
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  8. Stallion.

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