Carrera GT breaks 'Ring record?

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by moosmann, Sep 12, 2004.

  1. In your opinion it's street legal? Is that what you'd tell the cop too?
  2. If he was to drive it over here/Europe surely he wouldn't need to?
  3. SR3 Turbo is street legal in England.....

  4. Not everyone lives in England, and it's not street legal anywhere else in Europe either.
  5. Register the car in the UK.
  6. How about you shut the hell up and stop spaming useless notes. I dont type for anyone that demands " You have to type my way or elise im gonna banned you or im gonna lable you as a little kid".
  7. haha, elise. and dude, you are seriously stupid if you think a murcielago can keep up with an enzo. a GT3 can kill a murcie around almost any track.
  8. Not really i would say a Carrera could but i have seen a lotus kick the crap out of a GT3 that car is overated!. It has not topspeed doent match the performance of a Murcielago. Plus the Enzo is to fancy to be put to the test! but the Murcielago is more durable than the Enzo.
  9. LOL, you need to look into Lambos before you continue to promote your merci. That thing is going to get crushed by an enzo, anywhere and on any track. Porche has come up with a car that remotly competes with the ezno on the track (given the track isnt an F1 track) but Lambos. are way behind at this point in time.

    Just because its your favorite car doesnt mean its any good!
  10. its been said by quite a few test drivers that the murcelago particularly isnt a good track car because its tires scrub, and its brake would be shot after a short session of track time. so acutaly its not that durable.

    and elise and gt3 are way different, any medium or long track would see a gt3 spank an elise, it may lose 0-60, but an elise has no where near the top end thrust a gt3 has. over 100mph the gt3 would have significanty more thrust, and in a long track... for get about it, gt3 has huge speed advantage on a straight.

    litte ultra light cars a just a gimmick so that people can run them on short tracks and say they are better, run them on anything else and theyll lose
  11. im not suprised at all that the gt has the new record.

    1. in a recent test by motor trend it was shown that the gt spanks the enzo by almost 3mph through the slalom, .03 on the skidpad, and is a bit shorter on every type of braking run. while it loses only .1-.2 on the acceleration runs, even up to 130mph.

    2. fact is that the gt handles better than the enzo, which is what track time is realy about. and it is just a hair slower.

    3. the only realy weakness the porsche has is getting started, which explains its .4 sec slower 0-60,but its .1 slower in the 1/4 so i guess it catches up, and without launch control that pretty impressive.

    why does it allways seem that porsche does more with less. i guess it shows in this case
  12. Porsche does more with less because it relies less on its image and more on engineering
  13. radical s3 isnt a car
    it's just some high powered go-cart.
  14. Ahhhh! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  15. the Carrera GT is not only an amazing performer, but its one of the most beautiful cars I've ever seen
  16. It always come down to Blank vs Enzo, the biggest piece of Shite to come out of the Ferrari Factory since the Mondial! It has tons of power(still not the fastest), designed by a Jap, uglier then hell and it still is slower then the Mclaren F1....Period! This whole Nurburgring BS is a joke. The Porsche is Victorious, and the Enzo is not...Why? Because the piece of SH!T Fugzo couldn't even make it a lap around the ring with out something falling off or breaking...So here here for the Porsche and their ability to build real cars, which continue to beautiful bloodline, and here here for Ferrari selling out to dot commers and their inability to drive the cars they bought, even when they have Tracs,automatics, and Gay frontends! You all suck sack sweat, why can't you realize that the Enzo is junk? Junk junk junk! You must think if you say that it junk you must not be a true car fan! It takes heart to slaughter the one you once loved! and thats what I have done. Give me a Mclaren SLR, Porsche, Pagani, Bugatti, Koenigsegg, anything! Oh yeah another thing.....For all you penis' who talk about handling so much...You are all hypocrites now! Ferrari does 330,340,(370 ahaha) blah blah blah. You are all idiots!

  17. lol!!!!!!!

    that was great.
  18. Were you drunk when you wrote that?
  19. About #1. R&T and C&D have tested both cars, and the Enzo outscored the CGT in the handling test.

    About #3. Once past the quarter mile, the Enzo seems to be rather quicker. 0-200kph gives the Enzo a pretty good advantage as does the standing km. Remember, in times like 0-60mph, 1/4 mile, and 0-100mph, some of it depends on where the car shifts, which is why a Saleen S7 goes 0-60 in 3.3 seconds with 550hp. The CGT's impressive quarter-mile time may be because it can cross it without having to shift right before.

  20. no a little head rush though, I was about to climax! why?
  21. and the fact that Enzo is closed top, fast back probably does quite a bit on higher range of speed in terms of reducing drag....

    handling test wise though, I still reckon there is no way to judge 2 car tested under different condition. This is always the biggest problem when you don't run the cars at the same time. And in the case of Nurburgring, even a few minutes or hours could make a huge difference because the area the track covers and the differing weather from A to B....and in the case of road car, their ability is so tire limited that real judgement cannot be accurately established....

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