carrera GT crashed?/ nope, GT2

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by europerule, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. carrera GT crashed?

    yesterday, a race between 2 porsches ended fatal for 2 drivers in luik, belgium.
    the speedo said the car was doing 250 when one of the cars crashed. i found a small pic, and i think i recognize the remains of a GT. what do you guys think?

    the article (in dutch):
    LUIK - Een race tussen twee Porsches op de E40 Brussel-Luik eiste zondag even over 11 uur twee levens. Volgens getuigen reden de wagens zeker meer dan 200 km/uur. Een van de wagens week plotseling bruusk van de rechterrijstrook af en raakte de middenberm en een paal. De paal brak en werd een honderdtal meter meegesleurd door de vernielde Porsche. De auto vatte vuur en de twee inzittenden werden verkoold.

    De tweede Porsche reed na het ongeval gewoon verder, maar kon worden onderschept in de streek van Spa-Francorchamps. De bestuurder is de 37-jarige Monegask Michel H. die van beide Porsches de eigenaar is. Hij werd door de onderzoeksrechter aangehouden.
  2. carrera GT crashed?

  3. carrera GT crashed?

    forgot the pic

    sorry, can't find a bigger one
  4. carrera GT crashed?

    the car is see looks more like a 996TT
  5. carrera GT crashed?

    That theory that the speedo freezes when the car crashes is wrong. I know I guy with a fiat uno that had his clocking 180 in a 20 km/h crash.
    From the wheels I would say its a 911
  6. carrera GT crashed?

    I agree.
  7. carrera GT crashed?

    the 2 porsches that were racing were owned by the same guy. 1 crashed, the other tried to flee but got caught.
    one hit a pole and and came to a stop over 100 metres further

    i thought i recognized the shape of the headlights, and it sure looks like it must have been a convertible
  8. carrera GT crashed?

    Stop making crash threads!!!
    I'm too sensitive.
  9. carrera GT crashed?

    sorry, just looks like it was a bad weekend...
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    i think the speedsters are the greatest loss however.
    not considering the death of certain people, offcourse)
  10. carrera GT crashed?

    I've seen the news
    The grey porsche had yellow callipers and bucket seats, probably a GT2.
    He was racing against a GT3 RS and the GT2 crashed.
    The GT3 driver drove away but was caught by the police.
    The driver and co-driver from the GT2 are dead...
  11. carrera GT crashed?

    Thats awful.
  12. carrera GT crashed?

    The GT2 caught fire, the 2 bodies were totally burned...
    the 2 guys from the GT2 were active in the Belcar championchip...
    the one from the GT3 was a renault clio cup driver.
  13. carrera GT crashed?

    awfull indeed
  14. oh man..burnt to death ? thats terrible. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    RIP !
  15. maybe they were already dead before the car got on fire...
    indeed RIP
  16. I just noticed
    i've got pics from a GT2 from monaco that i've taken at Spa in 2003...
    its the same GT2 that crashed...damn
  17. i heard the guy that got away was from monaco and owner of both cars ..?
  18. domme belgen!
  19. Or even a C4S
  20. it could be... but i haven't seen much 4S with bucket seats
  21. i heard that too
    the one that crashed had plates from monaco
  22. are u guys sure they burned? cuz the picture doesnt show any evidence of a fire breaking out, even the buckets look fine, leather is still there and everything
  23. must've been a GT2
  24. *sniffle* I was having a good Monday too...
  25. that car definitely didnt burn.

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