Carrera GT hardtop pictures!!!

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  1. Even with the taped up lights it still looks awesome. They should lower the spoiler a bit but if Porsche thinks its better high then we should believe them...Enjoy the pics <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    No doubt about it
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    Way to steal the pics off the main page!! Still, the car is the best in the world. I can't wait to see one in real life. If only there were big auto shows in Ottawa!
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    Actually I stole them off of
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    Those are photos of Carrera Gt Coupe not roadster!!!
    Like these.
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    I know. Just thought people might like to compare between the two.
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    Awesome, I like the coupe even better. Can't wait till this car comes out.
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    Anyone know if there will eventually be a turbo version of this car?
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    i don't know, i have my doubts about the coupe. there has to be a more agressive design for the rooftop. well, that's my opinion, but if this is the final version it still looks very good.
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    pls tell me they will produce this car. is it just me or is every company spiting out sweet concepts meant for production?
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    the pictures made what i liked about the CGT go down the drain. i think they should keep with the convertible. and the spoiler IS a little too high. is it just me or does it look like an R/C car in the pics?
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    It's going through its final shakedowns. Its still not released and these pictures was the test vehicle. I predict that the one the customer gets is going to be totally different.
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    Yo all. As for the real spoiler being too high. I assume it's hight is adjusted automaticly. Such as the rear spoiler is for the new 911s. The spoiler raise approx. 1" once teh care reaches 50MPH. The booklet I got from Porsche on the carrera GT shows that the real spoiler will raise a bit once the GT reaches the required speed. So the pics are to see what the optimum hight for the rear spoiler to be at the set speed. I'ld hope so as Porsche is not prone to destroy the beautiful work of art when they make one.
    If U look closely at the black car, U'll probably notice that the surface od the spoiler fits exactly with the rear fenders if the spoiler was all the way down.

    Porsche: There is no substitute.
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    it better, cuz if it continues to look like an R/C car and i just happened to have 400 grand lying around i sure as hell wouldn't buy it. i get a GT2 or a Viper.
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    it looks bad ass and I would take it any day over a Viper or a GT2 which are also good cars but nothing compared to my CGT
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    I think the spoiler needs to be a little wider and not rounded. That hardtop is an insult to the convertible edition. If they did put this into production I think it would need to be a little lower to the ground. If you ask me, cars like this were meant to be like an inch and a half off the ground.
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    Yeah kinda like the Saleen S7 that about only like a few inches off the ground. I think this is going to be much lower when its out and that spoiler is something that I think Porsche knows what to do with. They might keep it if it gives them good test results and they might dump it if it doesn't so I think its just a matter of time before it comes out and we get our answers.
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    i don't like the spoiler being that high. Yeah, it would look tite lower but the disadvantage to that is that you can't go over speed bumps and shit, and that sucks.
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    Well the higher spoiler will help the car turn and stay in control at high speeds as if it was lower it might not be the same results. And the disadvantage that you stated is you can't go over speed bumps and shit and I think people that can afford one of these prolly have another good car lying around in which they will not ruin this beauty. I think cars like these are meant only for a Sunday drive or fo sho.
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    thanks for the hard top pics. I didn't appreciate Porsche that much until i saw this thing for the first time. I completely changed my opinion.
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    No Problem. This thing rules!
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    it's fA sho. when you say fo sho, sounds like you are saying for sure. not for show.
    anyway, i don't think that you will be turning at a speed that high unless you wanted to get yourself killed. Even if it's a porsche, it don't mean that it's going to turn the same at 210 vs going at 20. there is a line between normal and insane. if you were turning that fast you are definately insane. I don't think that a spoiler that high looks right. but hey it's just an opinion
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    It creates more downforce so I think they should leave the spoiler alone IF it works. If it doesn't then take it out.
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    a spoiler that high doesn't look right on this car. they should definately take it out if it don't work. but the up and down is aite.
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    Yeah I think they should do something about it but if nothing is possible I think it's okay. I'll love this car either way.

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