Carrera Gt or CLK GTR?

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    Actually the Mclaren F1 speed is 240 mph. And I read somewhere that the CLK GTR can hit 230 mph with good gearing. And the Enzo's speed is only somewhere around 220 mph.
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    The Enzo may be fast, but look out for the Bugatti 16/4 Veyron
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    not a chance to complete with the GTR. The carrera GT is only an Exotic production Porsche while the CLK GTR contain a lot of Mercedes secret technology that the company doesn't even want to sell it to the public, let alone the performances and the prestige heritage of this Mercedes. That is why only 25 units were produced and cost 1.3 Millions, and also that is why information or any official relate article of this car is rarely find on the internet.
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    yea, these were the days when Merc was kicking @$$, i mean just look at the two cars, 1998 and 2003 ?!!! and yet, there's a big gap :\
    dunno what's wif the new Merc, sum are looking very nice, but sum others are abit shocking <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
    why don't MERC MAKE A COME BACK ?!!!
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    I love the Carrera GT but it wouldn't hold up to this level... The only thing that would whip the CLK-GTR is a Porsche 962 or GT-1.

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    Actually the Mclaren F1 speed is 240.3 mph
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    If the Spoiler is flat, it may reach that
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    so what? that doesnt mean its soooo great! id take the porsche any day.
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    Now that everyone knows...Carrera GT is great, but slightly behind the curve on a car like this which was a homologation racer. It also would not matter what the carrera GT would do in a straight line, because the Merc would already be at the end, because it is designed to accelerate flat to its top speed. There is hardly any loss of G-force (i.e. the sub-10 1/4 after an "average" 3.8 0-60) I would rather drive the Carrera GT every day, but I would rather HAVE the CLK-GTR
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    CLK GTR, will whip the Carrera GT.
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    MB CLK GTR for me
    CLK GTR Super Sport will be better

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    CLK GTR would be my choice
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    nice car in that pic there
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    I'd take the CLK GTR anyday for racing, but the Carrerra GT is probably more practical.
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    WIth the CLK-GTR of course,
    the PORSCHE carrera GT can't be compared with this V12
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    The Carrera GT would be eatin the CLK-Gtr's cars dust, it doesnt even compare.

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    Carrera Gt or CLK GTR?

    I'd take the Mercedes over the Carrera GT, but what about the Enzo, or the Mercedes SLR? Both outpower this, but then again this is a six years old car.
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    Porsche Dauer 962 is older and a street version of a race car as well. With half the cylinders (Flat 6) and more power (730+ HP)and a 250+ mph top end. That is the Porsche you guys should be comparing (Same class car). Not a pure street car but a Race car converted to street.
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    1980's Dauer Porsche 962
    730 HP Flat 6
    250+ mph Top Speed
    Both it and the CLK-GTR are Sreet legal Race cars. That is a comparison. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    clk gtr because it looks better handles better because it is in le mans and it's also got a unbeatable 0-100miles 5.7 and very good 0-60 3.4 and about the top speed try 380km/h without the speed limiter, it beats carrera gt in every way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. carrera can smoke this? mabye with quard turbo supercharged engine. The production unit has a speed limtter to limmit the speed under 320kph
  22. clk gtr smokes the carrera gt every way including the to speed 380kph without speed limiter.
    nfs hp2 clk gtr 170000
    carrera gt 60000

    see the difference ?
  23. Although i absolutely LOVE the sound of the engine on the carerra gt, i would take the clk because of its rarity, and the beautiful styling, and because of the preformance.
  24. lol.......and because of the preformance
  25. clk gtr all the way

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