Carrera vs. Maserati

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  1. Auto Motor und Sport had this test with the Carrera and Maserati Coupe. Unfortunately, I can't find the magazine where they had the test.
    But what would be your choice?

    Considering all the different aspects, I would take the Maserati.
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    for the price and luxury the Maserati. For performance and looks Carrera.
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    Pussy goes for a maseratti. its more ilustrious and exotic.
    Everyoe loves a rare car.
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    Carrera,it feels more like a sports car.
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    Try They have a bunch of road/track tests and evaluations on a bunch of cars. I don't think i'd need to say what i'd vote for.. :)
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    they said the maser is more lively, and very fun, but the porsche is much more solid and refined. they said both were very nice. id prob go with the porsche cuz i love porsche, and i like reliability, but i hear the maser is a very nice car.

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