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Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by abuyoussef, Dec 29, 2006.

  2. its the first vantage with a flappy-gear box ....i got a round in it as well ....

    for some reason it stopped under my house and had the bonnet open ... i was on the phone on the balcony and saw the bonnet .. i was like sweet , i went down and got the dude some water and stuff cause its was EXTERMLY HOT lool .. so we started talking and it turned out he is the AM test driver and something was wrong with the electronics and the fuel pump was not working .. he just had to restart the system and it was fine .. anyways here
  3. looks awesome in BRG
  4. hey babyface do you have any more pics of the white R34? that is a beautiful car.
  5. no sorry ...
  6. Great pics and story. Is that a dent on the hood??
  7. that hella cool!

    way better than when a Vanquish blew a tire next to my house
  8. yeah it is

    someone reversed on him with a prado and just drove off ...
  9. Ah shit man! That third picture brought back memories!!!

    Do you remember there used to be a restaurant there? Lebanese/Kebabs and such... Really big and ages ago? Just brought back memories. Miss it. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  10. u mean automatic ?
  11. That might be it! It shifted near Dubai Hospital area. I don't know if its still there. It used to be near that place years ago.

    Please say you remember it!
  12. After viewing this thread and all the great cars on it, it really jumped out at me the really fantastic cars for Dubai that are missing are ultimate Sandcars!

    Here in Arizona my son-in-law is one of the top custom Sandcar / engine builders in the world. His cars generally cost over 130-140K US and have incredible features throughout.

    The average models he does are 2500 Lbs cars, 4-seat 650 HP LS2 V8s on 92 octane pump unleaded, powder coated, airbrush art, incredible paint jobs, custom fabbed and polished billet aluminum everything, custom bucket racing seats 5- point belts, GPS navigation, custom stereos I-pod based, sat phone and radio communication, voice activated inter-comm between a 4 passengers, just to name a few.

    His current personal Sandcar has all features and is powered by a 1000 HP twin-turbo LSX V8 with 26" of suspension travel. Instant wheelies, climbs and flys over anything.

    I also attached a picture of the rig to transport to the Dunes and living quarters with all features including onboard fueling station, repair center, Solar photovoltaic, Sat TV and flat panel TVs throughout and digital projection TV show onto the vehicle side at night while resting by the campfire.

    What do you think?
  13. We have sandcars there too. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  14. I knew that, I just thought because this thread seemed to revolve around "exceptional" cars, that all these Sandcars being Competion dominators, Show, Magazine and TV featured machines that they are something truly uncommon. Probably the best car sold over there (Dubai) currently is by Tatum Motorsports (friends of ours also located in Phoenix, Arizona)

    Just trying to offer up something a little different in the "exceptional" category, thanks!

    I'd really be interested to hear just how many 1000 HP Sandcars there are over there and just what their owners actually do with them.
  15. we got LOADS AND LOADS of these here ....just go to the dessert on a friday ... i really dont know about the hp's .. but most have corvette engines, ill see if i can snap some pix
  16. Thanks that would be GREAT!!!

    If you get to talk to anybody please ask them who the manufacturers of their cars are. All the top builders are here in Arizona and California it'd be real interesting to see whose cars made it over there!!

    Great Thread!!
  17. most of the ones that are here are custom built here from scratch , they dont get them from anywhere.....

    but some yes are exported ... i dont know that much about them ,but ill ask
  18. 3214569877897897789789
  19. nice and clean that last one
  20. does anyone here know what are the plate numbers on that blue aston ?
  21. The UK ?

    RS6 MTM @ Mercado
    Mercedes Brabus SL V12 @ Sheraton Jumeira
  22. Blue Phantom @ Sjeik el Zhayed
    Gallardo @ Sjeik El Zhayed

  23. Damn thats #$%#ing beautiful.

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