Cars in Dubai II

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  1. My friend lived here for months. I envy him.
  2. dark white!!
    dark white!!!
  3. Red Turbo @ my univeristy
  4. Red Turbo @ my univeristy
  5. is that in Dubai Internet City ?
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    no our university AUD ..
  7. Murci LAmbo @ my univeristy

    a girl drives it ..... lol
  8. is the girl as hot as the Murci?
  9. yes sir .........and here is something for u
  10. its a Turbo S
  11. I love it, thx
  12. Wow thats a really beutiful porsche
  13. just fantastic ...............................
  14. the whole aston family /....
  16. what would i give for a week off in dubai....
    just to see al the supercars...
    here i see a ferrari maybe once a month, lambo maybe twice a year, never seen a bugatti, seen one aston in my life, and i don't want to even talk bout some more rare supercars...
  17. I'd be very happy to see a Ferrari once a month, but living in Ottawa, the last time I saw one was last summer, and that was the only one all year. And one Gallardo last year, a Ford GT, and that's pretty much it.
  18. canadians don't dig supercars, huh?
  19. my friend's new ride
  20. Nicely done those pictures, very creative. And ofcourse..the car is a just fabulous
  21. Wow man. Some of those shots are REAL nice. Good work.
  22. Great shots! What lens are you using?

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