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Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by ChrisD, Dec 14, 2004.

  1. Post all your cars in motion. Track, streets, don't matter, as long as they movin.
  2. Think it was a POTD a long time back, but its still a nice pic
  3. the mr2 is me
  4. i have some sweet pics of this grigio ingrid 575 i took last spring. One of the pics is sun-drenched and it's blinding but you can see the outline of the car and the wheels. But again, I haven't been able to post any pics so if someone could please help.... I posted a pic of a 612 before and it came out very large, when i clicked the link off of the site much larger than i have on my computer...could that be part of the problem?
  5. That 240 looks sweet.
  6. i'm trying to figure this out...i'm just shrinking my pics, if you know a better way, please tell me...
  7. i have more but i like this on too...
  8. i took these two when i went to palm beach about a month ago. It was awesome to see all of the cars. During a 3 minute conversation with my friend, while I was walking down worth ave. I saw 12 Bentley's (2 conti gts), 9 rolls royces, 2 aston martins, 3 ferraris, and about 14 billion 745iL and 500 SL's.
  9. come on....somebody's got to look....
  10. try using paint to rescale the pix. sometimes u dont even need to resize them, just open the original and save a duplicate and it will somewhat lower the quality therefor lower the file size

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