Cars Suck.

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  2. i like my car and it makes me like commuting
  3. Im getting paid to bike to work
  4. sweet
  5. sweet
  6. yeah i normally walk (if its wet) or cycle

    unless im late for work and it's raining, then i'll drive
  7. i bill for my commuting time and claim tax back on my gas <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  8. Alphonse #2
  9. 17 cents per km and i cycle 5km to work and 5km back. something like 40 euro's a month. not bad at all.
  10. I wish I could ride to work. Couldn't find any place to rent near enough though.
  11. What is this 'cycling' you speak of? Here in Texas we have no concept of that.
  12. how often do you see a cyclist?
  13. There's a guy in my complex who mountain-cycles, but I've never caught him in the act. So, never, really. I have yet to see someone doing so in Texas.

    Oh shit, I lied! I did see a group road-cycling between Midland and Odessa back in March or April. But they probably don't do it this time of year because - and I'm not exaggerating here - it really fUcking hot.
  14. I drive everywhere because everything is far away and its always hot outside.
  15. I work less than a mile from my work and I drive lol. Hotter than **** this summer. When it cools down I'll walk/ bike
  16. Commuting sucks.
  17. Money under mouth runnin
  18. Money under mouth runnin
  19. 20k to work, 20k back, lots of decent hills along the way. It's a pretty good ride. Cycle at least part of it every day, regardless of the weather. If its shitty out I'll do the mixed-mode thing and hop on the train about 10k in.
  20. This, except sometimes its cold here too.
  21. Like Wheelman said.
  22. 8km to the train station and than it's 15 minutes by train. I'll cycle to the train station whenever the weather is ok, very relaxing after work.
  24. Also it's nice to work your frustrations out on the bike home by just givin her, rather than sitting in a traffic jam getting more worked up.
  25. I do that by driving past people in the lane they should be in.

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