Cars that you love that everyone else hates.

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  1. i'd have to say maybe that late 80's, early 90's Mustang. loved that one. dont know many people that like them though.
  3. I love the Saturn sky
  4. Badass.
  5. Badass.
  6. 2nd gen ford Probe. Everyone of my friends despises it, they have never driven one, they handle incredibly and the v-6 isnt bad. Want one, one day and do a 3 liter SHO engine conversion. turbo it, fwd monster.
  7. I don't know anyone who didn't like the fox body. we might make fun of 500 with ac and full interior, but we all know they're easy speed.
  8. mine

    Fiero GT's
    AMC's (particularly eagles, but gremlins too)
    Suzuki Samurais and X-90 (people tend to prefer the bigger cars)
    Isuzu Vehicross FOR reals reals
    BMW 1-Series
    diesels (for whatever reason, even the most interesting diesels get the old nose-snubbing)

    and prolly a bunch more.
  9. I definitely hate them. All Probes, actually.
  11. Had a bad experience getting probed one time ?

  12. yeah nobody likes the probe, but for some reason like the mx-6. makes sense though, it does have a nicer finish, people just charge stupid money for the v-6 models though.
  13. 1978 Mercury Bobcat
  14. That's one of the many things I don't like about the car, its name. And I'm not keen on the MX-6 either. Though I don't dislike it as much as the Probe.
  15. 1996-1999 Ford Taurus
    Buick Lucerne
    Toyota Prius
  16. speak for yourself!
  17. I like the 3000gt too :D

    But I rather hate cars that everybody like, than the opposite. Maybe should start a thread about that?
  18. I agree with ESP. Everytime I see a Wrangler without a top rolling down the street I think that would be a cool ride to own.
  19. people around here tend not to like them. i'm glad you all do.
  20. Still haven't taken the top off mine. Don't know if ill get enough good weather to permit it for a while. Fortunately I got a nice hard top and not a ratty/noisy rag top. There are wranglers allll over the place here, most with rag tops, I don't know why anyone would own one without a hard top around here with such crappy weather for like 8-9 months/year.
  21. You'ren not alone in loving the Gen III Taurus.
  22. Rx-7s with rotaries.
  23. Oh AMC gremlins.
    Honda insight [the first one]
    the new prius

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