Cars that you love that everyone else hates.

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  1. What about the AMC AMX? Those are just dope.
  3. What about the AMC American? Those are fly as #$%#.
  4. Edonis
  5. you've also made a lot of people hate the Koenigseegegegggeg <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/disappointed.gif"></A>
  6. Toyota FJ Cruiser for me.
  7. #$%#in hate it! I thought "hey this could be cool if they use it to venue global hiluxs" but instead they used it as a US hilux (tacoma) with some body panels.

    but I'd definately have one over a honda element.

    also, who likes the honda element?
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  9. I like this idea, I will post many cars.
  10. who DOESNT like the AMX? its sexxy as hell.
  11. I kinda like the element. Its ugly though, no question, but very practical.
  12. Renault VelSatis
  13. ford flex awd with ecoboost
  14. I dont think most people hate the Flex. They are just too expensive.

  15. I think the flex looks like a steel toaster, but it sells like hotcakes apparently so yay ford.
  16. oh and I like the Abflug S900
  17. wtf who DOESN'T like this? that is amazing.
  18. I hate it.
  19. i hate you.
  20. Almost every car is hated by someone but I can't think of any car that's hated by most people. The most hated car that I love is probably the Corvette.
  21. Orca SC7
    Most everyone here hates them with a passion.
  22. Most cars with LS1 conversions.

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