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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by z28vette, May 16, 2018.

  1. So, got into an accident yesterday, and now I have to look for a car.

    Looking for something new or slightly used in the $15-25k range.

    I've been thinking Fiesta ST for a while. Guess I could buy used and get it even cheaper.

    New cars are a little bit more expensive here in Puerto Rico when compared to the states, because of shipping + taxes, so that's ~$2.5k automatic depreciation. Makes used cars more attractive.

    This is a car that I'll probably be taking with me to the northeastern US, so sharing any cold weather experience is greatly appreciated.
  2. But you're ok? What car did you write off?
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    KIA Soul

    I'm fine, just sore on the left side. Some ***** in a newer Jetta thought it was a great idea to stick her hood in my lane while turning in from left to right, then stopped. I was only going like 30mph, but I was already too close to stop. I managed to dodge a frontal impact, but She hit me on the rear driver's side door, which fishtailed me into a 180. The impact doesn't look that bad, but seat and curtain airbags were deployed on both sides, which makes it too expensive to fix.

    Edit: Forgot to add that this was at a very busy intersection at rush hour, with traffic lights that have not been working since Hurricane María. She was effectively sticking her hood blindly into an open lane.
  4. Women drivers, amIright?
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  5. oh shit

    youre in puerto rico
    hows that going? are you happy with the disaster response
  6. Shit. Well glad you're ok.
  7. No one can be happy with the response. But to be fair, we dug ourselves into this hole by letting politicians get away with a lot of shit they shouldn't have for a lot of decades.
  8. Such as?
  9. Spending on populist crap, and awarding onerous contracts to their friends among other things. Which led to chronic neglect of the electric and transportation infrastructure. The hurricanes destroyed ~95% of transmission and distribution lines and damaged traffic lights at most intersections.
  10. now that trump is in office all that swampy stuff will surely stop
  11. EW!

    I fould a black+black-rims 2017 Fiesta ST, the dude says he's bored of it and just wants to get rid of that account. Only pays $346/month, so is if he has paid a year or more its gonna be a sweet deal. It has 12,500 miles.
  12. Nah, it's a cheap car and it popped the airbags, definitely totalled.

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