Cars you hate.

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  1. after looking at the picture again, i think i know whats wrong. the car is too low. it looks like there's 3 hippo's sitting in the back.
  2. I'd buy a cla like that
  3. I'd buy a cla like that
  4. Pretty much anything that's fwd, and most awd cars
  5. Any Koenigsegg
    BMW M Coupe
  6. I honestly can't think of a single Nissan I would ever buy
  7. why do you hate awd
  8. Fwd > rwd unless you live on a track
  9. lol
  10. I had a Sentra complete with CVT gearbox for 3 months before Christmas.
    Yeah, the CVT gearbox was bad, but somehow the driving position managed to be even worse.
  11. imo it takes away from the driving experience, but the ones that are mostly rear biased aren't so bad.
  12. All Hondas, name them, I hate them all. Except for the Acura NSX.
    Chrysler PT Cruiser, no reason needed.
    Nissan Juke and Cube, so effing ugly.
    Most Toyotas, except for the Celica Supra.
    Pontiac Aztek, why did GM ever built this is still a mistery.
    Nissan GT-R, yes it's an amazing machine but paying well over 100 grand for a Nissan is absurd.

  13. so you'd only pay over 100k for a badge then
  14. pretty much any lexus, acura, infiniti, or honda
    anything with a cvt transmission
    and though it has grown on me in the last little bit I still hate the 355
  15. I would so love to drive a Juke R though. Basically a GT-R underneath.

    If they made a realistically mass market "Juke STI" with AWD and over 300hp, I'd consider it
  16. I dislike any classic american car in this color combo

    Also, rat rods/hot rods are lame as f

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  17. Choppers too
  18. What would you choose? A Nissan GT-R or a Porsche 911 Turbo?
  19. What????!!!

    That's a really Sweet '56 Belair dude!
  20. styling wise I do like the Juke. that transmission can #$%# itself though
  21. A GT-R, and spend the $50k I saved on something else. Tires, probably. And speeding tickets
  22. Where I live there are a lot of bro trucks. In case you don't know what one is; it's when a douche gets a truck and jacks it up. The douche will put big ass tires on it, along with other off roading shit. Said douche bag will never off road, nor tow anything. The douche bag will just drive like a #$%#tarded idiot by doing things like cutting people off for no reason and speeding in the rain. They will also take up three spots when parking.
    People with bro trucks should be sterilized.

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  23. maybe in a different color. that one looks like trash

  24. I'd probably drive both and see which one I liked more, then wonder what the hell I was thinking while I drove home in my M3.
  25. Lexus ES350

    Why buy that if you want a Lexus? Get the GS.

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