Casino Royal sucked...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Wheelman, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. It had some cool parts, and some good action scenes... but as far as living up to the aura of a proper Bond movie, it didn't. If it were made as an action movie about a different spy, it'd have been more appropriate.

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  5. It was a good action flick but it felt a little less James Bond than some other movies. Still, it's a good enough movie. Well, if you ignore all the Sony product placements, like the camera just filling the screen with his Sony phone for like 5 solid seconds.
  6. eat my shit, stoney polak
  7. Yeah, it was more humorous then anything. I laughed more in that film then I usually do at a spy movie.
  8. i sorta agree. althought it was an AWESOME movie, it sucked as a bond movie
  9. #$%# you!
  10. exactly.

    I thought the poker part really sucked though. Like... dudes... James Bond doesn't play Texas Hold'em. And he doesn't lose. And they don't need to make a little segway in depth into the card game as they did. That was so weak.

  11. wheelwoman's opinions suck.
  12. I actually semi agree with your retarded #%!@ing. It was nothing like abond film and I was really dissappointed.
  13. I don't even know who you are, so whatever.

  14. He's not as good as Connery obviously, but it was good as a Bond movie. Go read the books.
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  17. OMG i am Wheelman, i always go against conventional wisdom, i am so cool, Rexdale for life.
  18. I kinda agree with you
  19. The whole point was to get away from the old trend and start anew so the filmakers weren't cursed by the stigma of the old films. Bond movies were in a huge rut of suckage so they needed to reinvent it completely because they knew if they just tried to add on to the other movies it would end up on spike TV on a sunday night.

    Same goes for the new batman and superman(which sucked) movies.
  20. it was like 1000x better than the last 2 before it.
  21. it's the only good bond movie
  22. considering the last couple of Brosnan bond films were some of the worst movies i've seen, this was a healthy refresher. feel free to keep the tacky crap, wheelman. none of us will complain.
  23. I thought Batman Begins was supposed to be pretty good?
  24. I meant to say that only the new superman movie was crap, batman begins was pretty awesome.
  25. ugh, the new superman was terrible to the extreme

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