Casino Royal sucked...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Wheelman, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. It was decent if you didn't expect it to be a Bond movie, but as a Bond movie it wasn't very good no.
  2. it may as well have had Bruce Willis in it, and been portrayed at the top of a tower in LA, though at least Die Hard is utterly legendary. CR is an awful film, just with a few explosions
  3. true
  4. haha hardly an awful film...
  5. No, Wheelman, it didn't.
  6. Wheelman can't read.
  7. the fact that there were way too many product placements kinda annoyed me.
    But as someone mentioned before as a character development of a young bond it was spot on.

    The poker scene was overly extended and so was the oh everything is happy and were in love towards the end.

    All in all a 6/10

    oh and was it just me or did DC's lips look messed up
  8. the acting was poor, the product placement was annoying, the poker part was annoyingly boring, the villains were sad/corny, the girl was probably the ugliest of the modern ones, and he wrecked the car without a chase

    in fact, scratch what I said earlier, it's not worthy of being compared to Die Hard, more like a very poor Steven Segal type film
  9. Goldeneye is clearly the best bond film in recent times.
  11. Hard to Kill
  12. The kill with the snooker cue was hilarious
  13. Exactly. Also of note is the fact that he kicked alot more ass with his fists than with his gun. Fitting, seeing as he was orphaned and was raised on the streets. I think the movie followed the book quite closely and the modernization was done well. The only thing I would have a slight problem with is the Texas Hold'em instead of a maybe more traditional game. I don't think it hurt anything though. I thought it was a great Bond movie.
  14. The only reason they chose texas hold'em is because its the most popular game and hardly anyone would've understood if they had used baccarat, stud, lowball, omaha, tripple draw, etc....
  15. Yes, that much is obvious. It was still stupid.

  16. Wheelman is so unique!
  17. You can say "read the books" or "you don't understand Bond", but the fact remains: I wasn't impressed by it. I thought Mission Impossible 3 was better.
  18. Blitzschnell is a big geek!

    lulz, it rhymes!

  19. See, I would think that those who say "You don't understand Bond" are actually the ones who don't understand Bond, since I understand Bond, and I can pick a hundred things wrong with Casino Royale.

  20. The movie was AWFUL, but so is just about every james bond movie.

    Dude, the government gave him money to play POKER with terrorists, to win their money.

    Hmmmm, whats popular these days. Oh right, texas hold 'em. Okay lets incorporate into our movie. Awffuulll.

    The best parts were the scenes of Montenegro, looking awesome.
  21. 5 or 7 will do

    blind baseball is also fun
  22. I loved it. It was good to finally see a change. I haven't enjoyed a Bond movie since Goldeneye.
  23. i have to admit, the ball-whacking scene was utterly ridiculous, regardless of how funny it was.

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