Cause Of My Turbo Failure

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  1. Last fall I purchased a 1st generation Talon TSI from a friend to use as a project car. The car needed transmission work and had a bad turbo. I bought a new turbo for it and whenever I got the old one off it seems that the turbine on the exhaust side cut a grove into the side & broke completely off. The exhaust manifold has turned a cherry red & I know the car was run hard before I aquired it. Could the oil in the turbo have started boiling from excessive heat and caused this? Possibly from a faulty catalytic converter? I do believe that the car may have been running a bit rich when the last owner had it. With the new turbo on, the car will start but dies when it as at idle whether it's sitting still or whenever your driving down the road and put it in neutral. I got frustrated with "little stuff" and quit working on it for the winter but I'm going to start back up again and don't really want to run in circles. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. My opinion:

    The turbo's barrings were shot. Which cuased a LOT of shaft play. Enough so to where the turbine wheel rubbed the turbine houseing.

    The worn barrings could have been caused by the lack of oil, or just old age.

    Some OEM oil lines have built in oil filters/restrictors. Make sure you know if you have them or not. If so, make sure there not clogged.

    Make sure ALL of your engine grounds are tight and/or connected properly. Your car will stumble all over itself (as you decscribed) in that situation.

    If you havent done a FULL tune up on the car since you bought it, do it. That will eliminate a lot of trouble shooting.

    EDIT: Your manifold probably turned that color do to your blown turbo. Probably not your cats fault or roasted oil.
  3. I think JRL has it with the bearing being either broken or worn.

    also is that not one of those god forsaken mitsubishi turbos in the talon?
  4. Most turbocharger failures are related to lubrication issues. Either the turbocharger doesn't get oil enough, or the oil that it gets is dirty.
  5. burner looked at it, then it died

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