Celtics vs Lakers

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  3. How is he completely wrong?
  4. "Lakers have a clear, if slight, advantage on the starting lineups."

  5. Celtics in 2
  6. The machine is fUcking amazing boys. He plays hilarious defence and its effective as hell. he's a great shooter and seriously is just a really smart guy overall. + he's such a character I love it. DUde jacks the shot at the end of the game and cans the wide open 3 for no reason, LOL.
  7. Celtics 4-2
  8. They have the best player in the league and no one on the other team is well suited to deal with him. Odom might not be the best thing since Doritos, but he's a mismatch for anyone in the Celtics.

    The Celtics are better on paper, but come out slightly behind becaused of the mismatches.
  9. This is so wrong it boggles my mind. If you have Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett in your starting 5, that means you have better starters.
  10. Lamar Odom, Gasol and Kobe.

    Oh and Fisher.

    Kobe > Pierce
    Odom > Allen
    Gason Rondo + Cassel
  11. Well, judging from their play tonight, this is wrong.

    Pierce out played Kobe tonight, and had him locked down on defense. Garnett man handled Gasol but Odom did have the advantage over both Perkins and Brown because he's so much faster. I liked the match-up of Powe on Odom. Fisher and Rondo are both streaky and can be thrown from this conversation because they basically cancel each other out. Vujacic had an off night and wasn't enough help on the offensive side to suppliment for Kobe's poor shooting.

    Back on point, Garnett/Allen/Pierce > Gasol/Bryant/Odom
  12. I've got a mind like a steel trap!
  13. its steal moran

    That picture is really cool.
  14. Odom is so underrated. I think he's more useful to that team than Gasol.
  15. I must admit I haven't been this pumped up for a NBA final like in 7 years.
  16. I know it's pretty sweet to see them look like someone's grandparents.
  17. Which reminds me, Serbs + Tennis = FTW
  18. I really like Odom, I'm pretty sure he just smokes too much pot. He's young, very athletic, and an interesting size to match up with.
  19. he's really the key to the Lakers being successful.
    i expect him to be much more successful next game

    on to game 2!!
  20. He used to be a head case when the clips drafted him, but he's changed now. I really like him and he's such a valuable player its unreal. It's like an all-star role player or something.
  21. I feel like he's not reached his potential, or he's just under performing.
  22. Garnett/Peirce/Allen = Kobe/Odom/Gasol


    Kobe/Odom/Gasol/Fisher > Garnett/Pierce/Rondo/Allen

    and lets not even talk about the benches
  23. He's pretty reserved I find.
  24. Kobe is just furthermore proving hes a dirty ball hog who plays an unethical game.

    how do you like Peirce? Completrely shining.

    that 2-0 Celtics. What I like to see.
  25. kobe had just as many assists as pierce but scored more points last game. First game he had 3 times as many assists as pierce.

    Hes not really a dirty ball hog. He gets quite a few assists a game.

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