Discussion in 'General Chat' started by z28vette, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. Anyone miss him?
  2. WHy not. Without dumbasses like him and myself this place would be shit
  3. all he posted was conspiracy theories
  4. Don't compare yourself to Chairman, you twat.

  5. The government probably got to him.
  6. i loved Chairman more than anyone else.
  7. I'm touched.
  8. Chairrnan?
  9. Could care less.
  10. Wow, his sig makes so much sense
  11. fck off
  12. I think thats ChairRNan... looks like 2 Rs.
  13. I get that shit confused on this crappy site all the time
  14. It's always been like that. People here are too brainwashed to notice important details.
  15. Yes. He would just post ridiculous articles and the threads would quickly be filled with morans.
  16. 2 people in this thread need glasses.
  17. now that i think about it, i kind of do. there was something humourous about his gullability for endless conspiracy theories.
  19. i miss him. I thought his threads were hillarious. Especially because half the time he even admitted they were mega WTF.
  20. i'm a little pea
  21. How do you know he even believed them? He would only give rare, short replies and would post thousands of long ass editorials.
  22. I miss him.
  23. It's highly likely he alt+F4'd himself.
  24. I stopped reading his posts a long time ago.

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