Champions League Semi-finals

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  1. where's the fun in supporting a team where you just pick up the best player on the market when in need of a replacement?

    its...too easy.
  2. seriously, i rather prefer watching teams playing with players that came from their own youth teams.
  3. +1
  4. LOL the news said it was 1 vs 11, Neuer vs. the Manu Team :-D apparently Schalke plays in the Champions League like the brits in a world cup :-O
  5. sucks that between barça and real one of them will advance, haha
    rather had a manu-schalke final
  6. Manu vs. ManU ;-)
  7. Britain in the world cup? Good one
  8. Well thats what would happen in a ideal scenario, but of course that never happens as players sometimes like to stay with their teams, and other teams and managers may have more buying power or influence
  9. Lol srsly
  10. Ok, did anyone see the clasico? What a bunch of cheating, diving bastards. Probably was the best tactic for real though, even though it didnt pay off. Pepe shouldnt have been sent off, typical barca having all the decisions go their way. Saying that messis second goal was pretty good, ki da made up for all the patheticness shown fromboth teams earlier. So it pretty much looks like a barca man u final...
  11. Pedro ruins Barça for me, such a bastard of a player.
    Also Pepe was sent off for all the times he played rough and wasn't shown a card.
    It wasn't fair, but his takle was pretty irresponsible.
    Lastly Mourinho sent off was hilarious.
  12. Seriously cannot wait for this final... my two favourite teams at Wembley... will be insane.
  13. holy shtia, barca totaly owned real, buinvelaibela. affelaya for the win, messi = goodod.
  14. Sergio Busquets is a #$%# for sure. Didn't even get touched and fell to the ground holding his head. What a joke of a player.

    But both of Messi's goals were fantastic. And to be honest the first 30 minutes were awesome. Second half was meh with all the diving/faking injuries crap.

    it's just a shame that the two best teams in the world with all the talent and skills they have have to fake injuries and complain to the refs every 10 seconds when in reality if they just stfu and just playedd, it would be an awesome game to watch. FIFA needs to step up or someone needs to stop it.
  15. I never thought I was gonna say this but I'm rooting so hard for Man United in the final
  16. if that was the best that spanish football has to offer, then thank god im English

    also, Darron Gibson will own this Messi person or whoever he is
  17. lol that wasn't what i was really getting at. i was asking you where's the fun in going for a side that basically only has to worry about maybe 3 teams in its national league and maybe another 3 or 4 across europe in any given season? and when one position on the field can't be filled by someone to a standard in the squad you just decide buy who ever is the best performing and available. i guess its a personality thing but i just don't see any fun in supporting a team that doesn't have any ups or downs, just endless dominance and the only way it would stop is if the administration really really started fvcking things up off the pitch.

    you have to have some sour with sweet...and taking home only one trophy for the season is not considered sour.
  18. man, that match was unreal. messi was great as usual. should be an awesome final between barca and manchester. rooting for barca btw.
  19. what do you mean "going for"? Manchester United are my local team who my dad supported, so I was born into it. Supporting Man United has never been a decision for me.

    And every match is a worry for me, teams always try extra extra hard when facing united, so we rarely get such easy matches. And like I said previously we can't just buy whoever we want, as there are other equally powerful teams around
  20. going for might be an australian expression. that's cool that your a local fan.

    but i can't agree with your last paragraph.
  21. I 50/50 on it. Everytime a team plays Man United no matter how good or bad they are, they always get fired up to play. Look at the EPL this year, a shit team like Wolves is probably going to move down but they beat United, Chelsea, and other strong teams. But when Wolves play other shit teams they generally do bad. Every game in the EPL is always a hard game, even for United. But United will always do well simply because they have plenty of talent to choose from. If someone gets hurt, they are easily replacable. Weaker teams in the EPL always beat the better teams here and there, but they don't have such a huge talent pool like the bigger clubs Man United, Chelsea, and Arsenal have.
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  23. I dont care if Barcelona dominates, or who is in their team or where they come from, I just like watching the way they play.

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