change the F50?

Discussion in '1995 Ferrari F50' started by ReeK, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Yeah I seen magazines that were calling it f60 and was to be the next supercar from Ferrari but when it was released it was called Enzo and looked nothing like the pictures of the prototype.
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    I bet you wish ya could ya #$%#ing loser
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    Must be an old F1 car if it had a V12 in it.
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    That's it
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    you cant cange this car, its perfect all round
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    what needs to be added? if anything, howbout a volume knob to turn up the sound of the sweet symphony of that V12 purrin' behind your ears? would be music to my ears! no need for a stereo when you have sweet Italian performance in your ears
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    this has to be one of the funniest quotes in this forum...and anti-domestic and japcars are throwin out some funny shit too...thanx for the laughs!! *keep up the immaturity and you will go far* (notice that is sarcasm)

    btw the F50 doesn't need to change...
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    The F60 concept became the production Enzo. The Enzo's got an amazing engine, but it's nowhere near as nice looking as the F50. However, one of the variations of the F60 concept was pretty nice looking. Here's a picture of it:
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    You are a moron.....but for once I'll agree with you. Seeing "pimp-mobiles" with huge speakers everywhere is soooo lame. This Ferrari is a Formula 1 racecar for the open road....its not SUPPOSED to have a sound system (That's what the engine is for). Feel lucky that they managed to have opitional airconditioning! The addition of a sound system to a Ferrari like the F-50 would actually decrease it's value, since it SHOULD be left in it's original state.
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    More power. 911 gt2 beats it in 1/4 mile and 0-60.
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    You fools!

    There is nothing wrong with this car!

    Oh wait there is.........
    to me there is never enough horsepower.
    I found this morning that the hoover dam produces over 2,000,000HP!!
    and i though to my self wouldnt that be great in a F50?
    but that would be WAY TOO MUCH for this car but not me.
    first of all the minute you shifted in to first it would snap
    the car in half with all the power just at idle.
    Oops! there goes half a mill. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    well... give it the enzo engien....
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    hm.. well let's see..

    2002 911 GT2: 4.1 for 0-60mph ... 12.0 for 0-1/4mi
    1995 F50: 3.7 for 0-60mph ... 12.1 for 0-1/4mi

    Well ok, there is one tenth there for the quarter mile, but I don't think it's that relevant. It's hard to know for sure, but I think that the F50 would be quicker round a track.
    And even if I haven't driven neither one of them, I am convinced that the Ferrari is much more exciting to drive. I don't hate Porsche, but I really cannot compare the GT2 to the F50.

    As for the topic in itself, I don't know if I would find anything to change. It really is one of the best and most beautiful cars of all time, IMHO. True, the mighty F40 was superbly beautiful, but I honestly think the F50 is a worthy successor.

    And I agree with VMIFerrari, although generally I don't like convertibles or spyders, the F50 is an exception, along with some other Ferraris. It really looks much more impressive with the top off.
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    Now why would one want to change the F50???
    Its perfect the way it is.
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    This car really needed to be lighter. It is overweight. And maybe the engine needed at least 5000cmc of displacement.

    But with all this "flaws", it still is my favourite...
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    i know this may sound weird but wouldnt be cool if the engine was movd to the front cuz then u could put a lot of stereo stuff in there but thats just me i guess and the rear wing could be changed to the f50 gt wing
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    i wouldnt change a thing
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    i wouldnt change a thing. the cars perfect the way it is.
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    make the front lights flip up
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    You are absolutely correct.
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    I wouldn't change anything. To me the F50 is the perfect car<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Dude, you can't change the F50! It's already been produced. Now, if your talking about giving it a body kit, then that would be appropriate, but you can't change the looks so much that you wouldn't be able to recognize it. The only thing that I would change on the acount that nobody ever realy notices it is the interior.
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    You could change SO MUCH on this car. If I had the money (I don't but IF) I would go to Koenig and get a new TT engine put in...1/4 mile in 8.0s, maybe put a bodykit on it too (I just think they could have done a little more with the looks)
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    way, the f50 is an instant clasic that should remain the did make a mistake by making the performance of the car not be what it should, but it still kicks ass!!!!!!!!!!

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