Change 'Y' for 'Blow'

Discussion in '1938 Buick Y-Job Concept' started by sickboy9, Aug 22, 2002.

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    You #$%#ing child.
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    You got a sick, sick mind kid. This is one of the gratest cars and one of the most beautiful landships of all time. Don't dis it with one of you stupid, childish comments

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    You should be banned, dis a car like this shouldn't be allowed..
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    man u people have to settle the #$%# down and shut up. hes making a joke so god settle down. i think its funny cuz this car is also a pimp mobile too.
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    I'm sorry for all you americans that this car is placed after Bugatti...
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    I guess that MAYBE it is slow(okay, deathly slow)but, well, this car would grab attention in 2 sec. flat. But the first couple of posts were a little over it. IT WAS A JOKE, OK!
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    The name is funny, but the car is no doubt a masterpiece. I would love to own it.
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    Why did they call it the y job anyways? it doesnt seem like a name fit for anything
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    you are right, it may have been a concept, but it was a beaut.
  10. more like Z job ammiright?!

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