Changed top speed?

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  1. How come have changed the top speed from 241 to 231 MPH? If they have started supporting the group of people that claim the XP5's top speed doesn't count then it should be neither 231 or 241, it should be something lower which i don't remember at the moment, right?
    Stick either to the XP5's top speed, or the speed a F1 with redline-limiter reaches. What F1 set 231 MPH?
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    i say its 241...
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    wel...actually its 391kmh.....
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    Guiness book of records says 241. Just tryin 2 help!
  5. XP3 set 231mph by Johnatan Palmer at the last day of high speed testing at Nardo in 1993. An interesting bit of info: XP3's engine was the third of its kind making some ~580bhp.

    Another thing, XP5 with its limiter switched on did about 238mph.

    AMERITECH: 231 MPH (369 KM/H)
    STANDARD F1: 241 MPH (386.2 KM/H)
    XP5: 244 MPH (391.3 KM/H)

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