Changing capacitors on TV

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  1. So my Samsung TV (LE40 M87) has decided to not start anymore and just clicks over and over again when I try to start it. Apparantly this is a common problem due to bad capacitors. Does anyone here have experience from changing capacitors on their own?

    The TV is no longer covered by warranty since I bought it in late 2007.
  2. I had a go at it with my own rear projection TV when the integrated circuits for convergence finally went out. Made a hash of it because it was 32 solders on each of two ICs. Ended up not wanting to turn it on, pulling the board, and finding an electronics shop locally to resolder it all for labor costs.

    Soldering ain't hard really, I just tried to do a rush job and they were microsolders, which are a #%!@ in the frist place. If you just have two solder points on a few capacitors, you can probably do it in ten minutes. Best to find some shitty broken electronic device and practice a few desolders/solders so you have a level of confidence.

    tl;dr; - it's easy, but practice first.
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  7. electrolytics are pretty easy to change if you have access to both sides of the pcb. Heat one lead, tilt the cap away from it, let it set, repeat for the other side. Clear out the hole and replace. gg
  8. careful though, HV caps will swallow you in real if you don't discharge em first
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  15. make sure u charge the large ones first before you do any work on it

    in all seriousness though, if its just capacitors, its easy
    just find the ones that are #$%#/bulging/leaking and replace them with ones of the same rating and chemistry, and the same or higher voltage
  16. Same here. Capacitor was like, $35 on amazon or something like that. Ended up being a wasted $35.
  17. Yeah so I ordered a new TV and my dad will try to fix it and if it works he'll take over it. I have done some soldering before but I wasn't sure that I'd dare trying it on my own TV.

    I may go to an engineering university, but I'm on a Power Point engineer program. :p
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    I just replaced the capacitors in my Samsung monitor. They were using garbage in there, too. Just get a good soldering iron, watch some videos on howto solder and it should be easy.
    I spent $5 for what I needed at has some good information, and one of the guys on there posted all of the capacitors that needed replacing.

    Couple decent videos on soldering here:
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