Charting out Saab's upcoming model lineup

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    Charting out Saab's upcoming model lineup

    by Jonathon Ramsey (RSS feed) on Aug 1st 2009 at 9:07AM

    There are many folks who've wanted big things from Saab, including this blogger, but we never seemed to get them. The company sold 93,220 cars in 2008, a drop of more than 25% from the previous year, and getting sucked into this year's General Motors saga hasn't exactly helped to create any believers in Saab's return to form.

    But the quirkier Swedish brand has been taken over by Koenigsegg, and the little company is said to have big plans for the bigger one. Saab's product lineup, as laid out by Swedish car mag Auto Motor & Sport, will have the expected new 9-5 and 9-4 CUV at Frankfurt this year. Next year comes the new 9-5 SportCombi with Start/Stop technology. The two following years will bring the new 9-3 coupe and convertible, a 9-5 crossover, and a little 9-1 -- rumored to be co-produced with the Mini, sccording to the Swedish buff mag. In 2012, the magazine also predicts a sport hybrid powerplant.

    The predictions go all the way out to 2017, but it isn't clear how much is pure guesswork versus actual hints from Saab. The magazine, however, suggests there will be some sort of shortened, Aero X coupe-looking thing, a return of the Sonett as a TT-fighter, and the next new 9-5 in 2017.

    At this point, no one knows what Saab is going to look like a year from now, much less eight. But if Koenigsegg can make it look anything like it does in the Auto Motor & Sport chart – and get the sales to back it up – a lot of people will be very happy about it.

    [Source: Saabs United]
  2. +1

    I really hope they'll make it, and hopefully the release of the new 9-5 will give them some boost.
  3. uhhhhhh awesome!

  4. The only thing not that ugly is that roadster in 2015. Was it the 9-3 that was just relieved? Horrible.
  5. This post doesn't make sense.

    PB has aids.
  6. SAAB has AIDS.
  7. Which they caught from you because you had sex with their exhaust pipe because you love SAAB so much.

  8. I meant in the pics the only thing halfway decent in my opinion was the convertible.

    And didn't the new 9-3 just get revealed? I thought that was super ugly.

  9. It was the 9-5 that was just revealed. The current 9-3 was released in about 2003, but facelifted in 07.

    The 9-3 looks really really good.
  10. Yeah, that one isn't bad. I don't know much about Saab honestly, but didn't the build something on the last Impreza platform?

    And in that case the 9-5 is terrible.
  11. Need to make it less boring. It's amazing what wheels can do.
  12. 9-2x
    the saaburu

    i like the current 9-3. wait for those future ones, the concept drawings rarely look like the finals
  13. That's kinda cool.
  14. *YAWN*

    ...looks like more of the same from Sweden's most boring car brand...
  15. Thats hot. I love the 9-3
  16. troll

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