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Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by 810Idiot, Nov 22, 2016.


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  1. Anyone know of some cheap cars under 5k that look sexy? Some that I've been looking at are the Mitsubishi Eclipse, and the Toyota Celica. I'm really looking for the look-factor and not so much the performance factor tbh. I don't know what that body type is called but I love those cars. They look like supercars but they're found for prices under even 3k sometimes on craigslist.

    Any suggestions?
  2. You mean chick cars? I wouldn't call them sexy so much as a chick's car.
    I can't think of a thing that cheap and 'sexy'. Fiero/MR2?
  3. Say whatever you want, last time I checked cars aren't gender specific. The fact that you would insult my taste simply because you don't agree with it shows your own insecurity bud. Love the MR2 though.
  4. Anyway though, I remember thinking the 1992-4 Civic hatchback looked pretty. Bet you can get one for almost free in the States.
  5. Celica & Eclipse look like supercars?

    Bad troll is bad.
  6. Oh trust me, I've had my hands down the panties of a Celica. I can definitely tell the gender of that car.
  7. CR-X Del Sol, 90's Prelude, Alfa GTV, Coupé Fiat, the old Ford Cougar probably, Mazda MX-3, Mazda MX-6
    And I suppose you could just call them fwd coupés
  8. 406 coupe is good too pininfarina styling
  9. But bog standard 406 interior, nothing wrong with, but also not very exciting
  10. I hear Opel Calibras are very good
  11. Thought they were just Vectra based coupes, but dunno, could be
    I have trouble thinking of modern Opels and sports characteristics without miles of understeer
  12. Goddamnit you ruined it
  13. To some non-car girls/guys they can be like Fe$$a$is
  14. oh shi-
    this is the best car ever
    owns the calibra like no tomorrow and its mom too
    tell me I fixed the situation sufficiently
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  15. To answer the OP:
  16. I had no idea.....
  17. Holy tits, nice ad
  18. Given the supreme Japanese quality of the period, I bet they were quite surprised by a Toyota that breaks down all the time.
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  19. Wow. Someone's a little too sensitive.
  20. I will say my 2.2L 98? Cavalier was a beast. I treated that thing like absolute shit and it kept going. 10k+ mile oil changes, redlining the **** out of it, even drove it off the side of the freeway and punctured the transmission pan. It finally died when I left it in second gear while going through a merge on the freeway. Too much vtak and blew the motor.
  21. Buy a Raptor to piss off @DIGGS
  22. There is something wrong with this site. I was not alerted to this blatant personal attack. I want justice!
  23. This is genuinely one of my all time favorite cars. I will one day one a decent ST185.
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  24. maybe try a red or yellow car

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