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  1. Re: If it has so much HP, why is it slower than the F1?

    exactly. aerodyanmics of the car, differential gearing, transmission gearing, weight restrictions, and for that matter how efficiently it transfers power to the ground. i'm sure there's a lot less parasitic loss in a McLaren then this thing.
  2. Re: If it has so much HP, why is it slower than the F1?

    bbcstachas2 you are one stupid fuc/
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    Get it sright you are! im not the thinking i can beat an F1 car in a Skyline! i would like to see you try something!
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    anyone knows mclaren is a better car only the fool who started this thread doesn't
    but for its price you can't get a better car
    but for half a million easily done
    myself if i could have a supercar i would take the new fordGT(40) over the ferrari coz it looks letter
    but the skyline is more realistic
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    I would rather have a Murcielago R-GT that thing would smoke the Enzo this Skyline and that Ford GT and you only pay 340euro.
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    Slower? hahahhahahahahahha F1 Mclaren 479 ft-lb, 627 hp and 2579 lb in weight. Skyline gtr blitz 708 ft-lb, 850 hp and 3397 lb. Now think about this the Mclaren f1 pushes 4.11 lb for 1 hp and 5.38 lb per 1 ftlb of torque. The Skyline pushes 3.99 lb per hp and 4.8 lb per 1 ftlb of torque. SO I can tell you right now.......The Skyline will SLAM the f1 in a straight line race to 1/4 mile. Also 0-60 it will be a win for the skyline. The skyline is 4wd and I can tell you right now on the street at a set of lights you roll up in a f1 and I roll up in this skyline and you will be smelling my fuel mixtures! You will get HAMMERED in a street race. On the track, hmmm well maybe the f1, we don't know it all depends on the driver. Forget about weight here, the skyline is actually pushing less weight per unit hp/torque so the top speed has all got to do with gear ratios and aerodynamics. The skyline was designed for pure acceleration! YOU WILL NOT FEEL G FORCE LIKE IN THE SKYLINE. 4wd versus rear wheel drive... HMMMMMMM I'd go 4wd. Anyway I love the f1 and the r34. If I had money I'd buy both! I drove a modified nissan Gtir pulsar once get this 434 hp at the wheels, 2300 lb weight and 4wd. It will KILL the mclaren 0-60 and 1/4 mile. 0-60 approx 2.6 sec on G-tech instrument. 1/4 mile 10.84 sec at eastern creek. The car costs all up 42000 australian dollars approx 29000 us to buy and modify. It is 2ltr engine, single turbo NO nitrous. This 1994 model car will scare you all the way to 250 kmph or 150mph. Who cares about going any faster on the street than that! You will never feel the Mclaren f1 acceleration as much as this little Gtir rocket to 150mph! And all for 2% of the cost of a f1! Anyway I'd still wanna have the F1 though.............<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    have been watching to much fast and furious lately? I know this car is fast but against the Mclaren F1 i dont think so! if the F1 had not problem smoking to sh!t out of a Blitz Supra then this shouldnt be a problem. Dont think because its a Turbo! it can mess with the best because it cant regardless of what you say is this car in guess book of world records? um NO! is any modifyed cars in guess book of world records? um HELL NO!. So stop comparing modifyed cars to supercars! Oh and you wanna talk about All wheel drive? Murcielago R-GT would rape this thing and that has all wheel drive to.
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    You don't think so...... I go to the creek (eastern creek raceway) and I see many cars racing. I've seen a road registered skyline with approx 700bhp do 10.7 seconds down the quarter mile. Whats a friggn f1 mclaren with its 11.0 second 1/4 mile do? WIN? naaaa dont thinks so! AND he missed gear too! mclaren is too expensive for what it is. The lambo you talk about will be even slower than the mclaren f1! SO the skyline( who by the way the guy drives it to work everyday) will kill both of them.... BOTTOM LINE the Blitz skyline will smoke both f1 and lambo to the 1/4. NOW if we go past the quarter mile and look at 1 mile then maybe the f1 and the lambo will win. SO its all relative. For everyday driving the skyline is a better car. With a press of a button the skyline can go from 850hp to 400hp.Now you have fuel economy and power too! I can let my grandmother drive it. Exotic cars like that are not worth the money they want for them!. Naturally aspirated crap! TURBO is the way to go! WHO cares if it is modified. NOW if you are rich then you can have all of them and who cares!
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    Another thing, The Bugatti Veyron will smoke anything! Wind up those turbo's from 6psi each to 14psi each and there you have it PRESTO! more power than YOU can imagine!
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    Modified cars are crap! thats like taking enziete for you Pen**S onm order to perform better or plasic surgrey for woman to make thier breast bigger i would rather have to real deal than some fake s**t.
    Maybe you should check both of those videos first before you start talking trash about the Mclaren f1 is crap! thats a video of a blitz supra getting its azz kick by a bone stock Mclaren. thats a Moded skyline geting its azz kick by oh a Mclaren F1. people will say its stock but its sounds moded to me. Mclaren would own just about any car on the road hands down it never lost in a race before if a Lamborghini or a Ferrari can beat it the what makes you think a Skyline even stands a chance? You can say it kills in the 1/4mile but that just says it aint nothing than a drag car. Drag racing isnt real racing track racing is the best way to go and the real way to thats were pros drive remember that you wont see Michael Shumacher at any drag strips oh no you will see him at a track. Its easy to make a Drag car but its hard to make a real supercar. Skyline is a better car for daly driving but it wont beat Mclaren f1 regardless of what you say. Remember all this modifiying cars is for people who also modifiys thiers d**k to! you see i got a 91 Diablo VT sure it doesnt run a super 9seconds 1/4mile but im still packing the real suff i dont know about you but a non turbo car is much more satsfing than a retarded azz supra with more than 1100hp and so funny looking body kit on it that you cant even tell if its a supra with lambo doors?! haha buy a kitcar! This car needs Turbo which makes it less of a car i bet you put any modded jap car up against Lamborghinis Ferraris and Mclarens at the track you would see these cars aint nothing but drag cars only made to run the 1/4mile. drag racing is for hicks and people who doesnt know how to race.
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    Its funny the car is using a Lamborghini Murcielago chassis and Bugatti cant bring that car to any highway right now so guess what bugatti has to probly strip the turbos.
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    I can't argue with ppl who know nothing about cars! My little pulsar Gtir will nail the f1 in 1/4, 0-60, 0-150 and track!ALL for $15000 australian dollars!Don't waste my time with naturally aspirated shit! Don't tell me that turbo is fake....its not! Technology PAL get with it. The skyline has more technology than the f1 mclaren at 1/10 th the cost. This Skyline here will nail any mclaren! And by the way the f1's sold to the public only managed 210mph anyway. The one I saw do the 1/4 mile managed 11.3 seconds. If I spent $2,000,000 australian dollars on a car
    I would be very dissapointed if a skyline beats me on the street!
    That supra on the video did 12.7 sec down the quarter because its pretty much standard! I've seen street driven supras pull 10.5 easily! Why don't they race the f1 against one of them! The skyline video clearly shows the skyline is STOCK! Why race if it is stock? Race the Blitz skyline and we will see an absolute LOSS to the mclaren. And I am not talking about a few cars here, I am talking about TRAIN lenghts!
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    Well over here in Spain trying to get a hold of a Sklyine is dam near impossble!. I have all ready seen 5 Enzos( 3 of them in show rooms) and 4 Murcielagos even raced one in my Diablo. You can get more out of a 6 but a V12 you will get some much more than that with just basics mods on a Diablo you will have up to 1100awhp! thats with basic mods! just think if someone takes the time and money drops it into a Mclaren F1 you will have the greatest performer in the world. A Twin Turbo Mclaren F1! now thats how a turbo should be used.
  14. Re: If it has so much HP, why is it slower than the F1?

    I feel sorry for the Spanish! Its a shame you can't just buy one.... Dont get me wrong , here in Australia there is a lot of fast cars all thanks to the japs bringing them into the country, and there is Australian HSV's pulling 1500rwhp.BUT all of them turbo... I like the lambo especially the 4wd VT....But $600,000 australian dollars! Too much.... If they were double the price of a skyline then the lambo will be better value for money.....Thats what it boils down to.. I can buy a r34 skyline here for $70,000 australian dollars. Affordable supercar.But a $2,000,000 f1 or $1,000,000 ferrari or $600,000 lambo is too much money to spend.
    If you had the chance to drive even a 600hp skyline like I have, you will understand why I rave on about them. I have driven many exotic cars including cars like 360 modena ferrari and 1998 4wd porsche. I havn't driven a VT lambo though! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> The 1998 model turbo 4wd porsche is in my opinion the best european car EVER! But second hand cost is still around $180,000 dollars......I will wait for them to drop to around $100,000 and I will buy one.
    My thing is this.....if the mclaren was turbo and 4wd, it will produce more than 1000hp and have massive grip levels, as long as they keep the weight. NOW THATS A MACHINE!
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    Why so expensive!? here in Spain you can have a used Lambo for around 50k. A Murcielago is curently selling for about 115k if your lucky. Thats not all there are plenty of performance mods thats just setting around the dealer ship grounds. The dealer of then wants you to buy them and trust me i would!. I think one of those performance kits for a 360 modena would easly push out around 500bhp just think of that in a Skyline! it would most likely make much more than that. I like the manaro HSV however does it have an LS1engine? Also like the tickford TS50(i call it the Truck car) those things are fast to.
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    The Monaro uses a LS1 5.7 ltr V8. The GTS has 300kw (402hp) and weighs 1800kg! 1/4 around 13.6 seconds. Ye its quick but being a holden the car will fall apart on you within a couple of years! They are not built to european standards and one costs around $90,000 australian dollars. LS1 is an old engine now. They don't handle the best either. I wouldn't buy one. On the other hand there is the FORD XR6 Turbo. 4.0lt inline 6 cylinder with garret TO4s ballbearing turbocharger. Standard 240kw (320hp), half the price. Lighter than the hsv. With less than $1000 australian dollars you get 300kw! Spend $5000 dollars and you get an APS kit which brings the car to 400kw........This car does 13.9 sec standard down the 1/4. With small 300kw mod it will do low 13seconds. With APS stage kit you are looking at 12 seconds. YOU dont need to touch the engine. The turbo is original and the only thing is computer and minor intake and exhaust mods. The car will beat a 360 modena with 5 passengers in it! This car in my opinion is the best australia has made.
    Forget about HSV. The sound a xr6 turbo makes when your foot is planted to the floor will remind you of an F15 fighter jet. That sweet garret ballbearing wistling like a jet engine. The TS50 is old now and I hired one for 1 day and yes its pretty fast but the XR6 is alot faster. The TS50 is lucky to manage mid 14 second 1/4 mile.
  17. If it has so much HP, why is it slower than the F1?

    Dont forget that car company's like nissan also invest to make their cars lighter and faster but they still dont get there do they!
  18. If it has so much HP, why is it slower than the F1?

    Pagani Zonda Monza over all the cars mantioned here!
  19. If it has so much HP, why is it slower than the F1?

    Thanks japps. We need more people like you who can telorate this kind of fools. They almost need a note book to learn common sense. Fools! There is something called "weight to power ratio". It fandamental in bulding a supersports car, not those tuny 'b' to 'k' type engine swap you call building a sports car. Learn from the crx, 240sx, 510, supras and the nissan skyline gt-r lineup. You will learn something special biaaches.
  20. If it has so much HP, why is it slower than the F1?

    because all skylines suck
  21. Nice and shiny. Do you like the color?

    good call
  22. Nice and shiny. Do you like the color?

    good call, i dont like more than one color on a car
  23. Nice and shiny. Do you like the color?

    It looks good with that color. But it would be even cooler, if it was black instead of grey
  24. Nice and shiny. Do you like the color?

    Omg, who cares about the color. you ricers, its the performance that matters.
  25. It has got a V8 TT.
    Top speed over 215Mph.

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