Chev SS NASCAR unveiled (VF Commodore)

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  1. As expected, this morning Chevrolet took the wraps off of their all-new NASCAR entry for the 2013 season, the SS. The simply named racer will be the stock car racer of the production car, which will be a rear-wheel drive V-8-powered sedan. The new NASCAR SprintCup Series racer will make its formal debut in February at Daytona SpeedWeeks.

    The new SS replaces the Impala in the circuit, which saw 151 wins in its career between 1959-64 and 2007-12. GM alleges that the NASCAR version, shown above, closely resembles the SS that will be in showrooms for customers to purchase. Insiders have speculated that the SS looks similar to the 2013 Malibu and 2014 Impala, which is confirmed through the graphics on the racer.

    Production of the new Chevrolet SS sedan will take place in Australia at GM's Holden subsidiary. The car is based off of the upcoming VF Commodore, the next-generation of Holden's rear-wheel drive sedan. Many enthusiasts see the SS as the spiritual successor to the Pontiac G8, which was also based on the Commodore. Chevy has yet to release details or photos of the production SS, though they have confirmed it will have a small block V-8 at least available. The SS will make the first time in 17 years that the bow-tie brand has had a rear-wheel drive sedan in the showroom.

    Expect the all-new SS to arrive sometime in late 2013 as a 2014 model.
  2. This is not significant because a NASCAR entry is based off of a production car. Everyone knows the difference between one car and the next is a paint job and a good crew of mechanics. This is significant because it gives clues about the appearance of the as-yet unveiled SS Sedan, which I could of cared less about.
  3. NASCARS always remind me of RC cars, the way they just have stickers for lights.
  4. what IS actually interesting, is this rendering of the real thing that CarAdvice posted ages ago.

    Its spot on with the NASCAR revealed today.
  5. The proportions of the flanks are wrong. The belt line is too low at the front in relation to the front wheel arch and too high at the back in relation to the back wheel arch. It make it look like it's got massive front wheels and tiny rear ones. o.0
  6. similar to the current model?
  7. it's just the new chevy brand styling applied to a large sedan. the grill looks like a malibu, cruze, sonic, etc. the rear looks EXACTLY like the new maibu on the chevrolay site.
  8. Still want the Pontiac G8 GT back
  9. Yeah. I don't know whether they actually are taller wheels at the front, but that belt line makes it look even more so.
  10. These new 2013 cars will be significantly more different from one another than NASCARs have been in many years. It's still not where most would like it to be, but the cars will at least look much more like the road cars from which their bodies are based.

    The Current "Car of Tomorrow" made big strides in terms of safety and made for very close racing, but the cars really lost a lot in terms of brand Identity, beyond what the stickers told you they were. The 2013 cars, while all featuring some spec pieces, also feature many body panels that are completely unique to each brand. The 4th photo shows which panels are shared by all cars and which can be tailored to each manufacturer. As you can see, just about everything below the belt-line is free-reign for the manufacturers to style them as they wish.

    I'd love to see NASCAR become something like Australian V8 Supercars in terms of what the cars actually are, but the cars for 2013 are a big step in the right direction.

    I suppose I'm biased, but the 2013 Fusion is by far the best looking of the 2013 NASCAR bunch.
  11. Am I the only one that would watch a race series based upon the actual family sedans' chasis? Kind of like the BTCC and DTM started out before they went totally bonkers.
  12. Really? Exhaust decals? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/disappointed.gif"></A>
  13. The cars differ a lot more than the TV viewer can see.
  14. Gotta hand it to GM for staying steadfast in their commitment to bland/straight to the rental lots
  15. rwd v8 sedan is always good news
  16. The Ford is clearly the best looking one.
  17. WTCC
  18. wow that is really dull
  20. BTCC isn't bonkers. If anything they need a bit more power
  21. hopefully base model
  22. Word.
  23. Bahahaha!
  24. lol I love how they gotta put stickers on cars so southerners can recognize them

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