Chevrolet Camaros spotted at GM’s Oshawa Plant

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by V8stangman, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. We'll be getting a Silver SS later this year.
  2. really
  3. They look even better with a ram head logo, and the word Challenger on them
  4. do all Camaros now have cowl hoods? I don't see one car in that picture without a cowl. I thought that was going to be on the higher end, like for the SS
  5. They all have the cowl, But V6/RS model does not have the little Z06 style intake on the hood.
  6. I see the intake slot on the SSs in the pic
  7. Exsactly. Thats how you can tell the difference cosmetically.
  8. recon that would look tacky ... maybe reversed.
  9. yeah is it getting dropped off on the same truck as the M3S and M3 ...
  10. What ever happened to metallic? What, car-makers don't use metallic in the paint anymore? A deep red metallic paint job would really set a Camaro apart.
  11. Its not the 80s anymore. and these arent mexican low riders
  12. Metallic paint was popular among cars of the late 60s and the 70s too. Among cars Ford, GM and Chrysler are trying to re-make.
  13. There are some cars that still have metallic paint. The sun burnt orange paint from GM is metallic. I believe Ford has a similar colour as well.
  14. So 4 colours?
  16. 10 colors
  17. Isn't there a metallic red for the C6 and the CTS? It used to be magnetic red on the C5.
  18. Yeah, I forgot about that red. Anyway, I think the Camaro looks boring with the cookie-cutter red, yellow, blue paint.
  20. I saw a black one on the highway the other day with manufacturer plates right near the plant. Looked pretty good.
  21. Black definitely looks the part on the Challenger, so I'm sure it would be my color of choice on the Camaro.
  22. It looked good, very menacing.
  23. want charcole grey
  24. They should have made it a little more different though. Keep a flat hood on the base V6, a cowl for the base V8, then take it further for the SS, kinda like what they did on the previous generation

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