Chevrolet Corvette C8

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    Post photos, videos, articles, and discussions of the new Corvette C8 here please.

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  2. Read the text below this pic.

  3. Looks like one of those generic race cars from those cheap arcade games. The rear looks like a Camaro with Down Syndrome. Seriously I don't know why they make a Corvettes look like a Camaro.
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  4. Good news is that the motor will probably be easier to swap in a Fiero or kit car.
  5. Not a fan.... that said, I never liked the look of the C7 either.
    The bum and rear window on the C6 was where it's at.

    Also, why call it a Corvette now that it's a completely different configuration?
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  6. fast forward this streetspeed vid to see a press launch of the c8

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    I like the way it looks.

    But my concern is it may alienate traditional buyers, while at the same time not convincing enough for people who buys exotic supercars.

    Ideally they should make two cars, a traditional sportscar with front engine, and a mid engine exotic in the same class as Ford GT.
  8. Yep, C6 last good looking Vette. RIP Corvette design.
    Why call it a Corvette? The same reason they thiugth it was a good idea to make the back look like a Camaro.
    I just hope that means they'll make the Cien.
  9. I wish the infotainment screen was better integrated and I don't care for the strip of controls dividing the cockpit. Totally on board with everything else.
  10. It's all about personal preference.

    I think the C7 and C8 are the best looking Corvettes the late 70's.

    My friends don't like the C4, but I really like the styling, especially the earlier ones from the 80's.

    C6 is actually my least favorite when it comes to Corvette styling. Not saying I hate it, to me it just doesn't look as good as the other ones. The 2000's was not a great decade when it comes to automotive styling, both domestic and abroad.

  11. From the front 3/4 it looks like a Noble M500.
    With a shitty rear end.
  12. The design looks part generic, part uninspired and some parts downright ugly/disproportional. This is quite a change from the previous generations, which all looked actually pretty good and well proportioned to my eyes.

    The interior is pretty bold, and materials and finish look good from images.

    Will probably be excellent to drive, and a great experience for the money, but it still is quite dreary to look at.
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  13. I like it. A lot more than I thought I would. It's not perfect. But at its price point there is absolutely nothing that will be in its realm of performance.
    Imma buy one
  14. In terms of looks:

    C2 - C3 - C6/C5 - C1 - C4 - C7 - C8

    C6 and C5 pretty even.

    I like all of them. C8 certainly looks good. It just doesnt look like a Corvette. The long bonnet/hood, with the cabin towards the rear.. to me thats defining Corvette styling. Especially C3 era. And obviously the C8 has gotten rid of that.
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  15. Looks messy. Need to see this in metal/plastic before judgement.

    Basic C6 for me.
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  16. Not a big fan of the design, yet, because these things tend to grow on you with time. Looks a little too much like a McLaren 570S with Corvette headlights and Camaro tail lights. I like the designs of front-engined sports cars, but I guess this had to be done if they wanted to step up their performance game and go head-on with the Cayman/718.
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    This things performance is aimed at the 911 not the 718.
    Cayman is a sub 5 second car. This is a sub 3 second car.
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  18. If it really performs that well, not just in terms of acceleration, and the build quality isn't too bad, all the luck to them. I wonder when they'll switch to a turbocharged V6.
  19. Well the C7 performed that well and they say this outperforms the C7 in every category.
    The interior build quality seems significantly better than the C7 anyways. We will see what full production looks like.
    I am personally willing to sacrifice some details for the performance to price point you get in the Vette. But I really do hope things improve.

    Read a rumor that the Z06 is going to have C7 ZR1 (725ish HP)output numbers. Which they estimate will put the car in 720S performance range and still be less than 100K.
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  20. Hopefully the rumors of the 900+ version are true.
  21. Would be kind of cool I guess. But I don't think it's at all necessary. I really think with the current ZR1s output in the Midengine form the car would be damn near the perfect overall sport/supercar.
  22. Of course, you're Canadian. You can only handle so much freedom power.
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    I wonder what kind of affect this car will have on the sales of the new Supra
  24. I feel dizzy from all the freedom.
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