Chevrolet Corvette C8

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  1. I know I am fanboying out in this thread. But in reality if you are looking for a 2seat sports car for under 100K there is no reason to buy anything else.
    Obviously that's not going to be the case as everybody has their brand preference or the hate on for the Old man Car Corvette. But again if you don't need 4 seats, this is the car to buy.
  2. Until you get tired of people telling you, "nice Camaro".
  3. Edit: but I'm not sure how many Supra fan boys will even want to buy the new Supra. It seems 7/10ths what it should be.
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    I agree. This car should have big market shares in any region where people care more about the car itself than the brand. But fare much worse in more "brand-conscious" places.

    C6 and C7 are very popular in my area. I live in Santa Clara county in Northern California. They appear to be even more popular in Southern California and Arizona.

    But Corvettes, or any other GM product, are much less well received in San Francisco and Marin County. Lots of people in these places will not buy anything from the Detroit Big Three.
  5. **** that clickbaity shit in which he goes on and on talking about the specs from the press release and never really gets to what the title promised. I understand that YouTubers are all about play time nowadays, but that's just disrespectful.
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  6. He mentions 5 things
  7. Way past the ten minute mark
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  8. ok
  9. Who is w00t and why is my rank changed.
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  10. wOOt was here
  11. The most respected member
  12. Weird because I looked him up and he has no likes and honestly I’ve never seen him post ever. Can someone change my rank back. Thanks
  13. What has been wOOTed can not be unwOOted. And will for ever be wOOted.
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  14. Only respected members can see his posts. That's how respected he is.
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  15. Lol
  16. equivalent of losing one's virginity
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  17. front engined C8

    front-engine-c8-corvette (1).jpg front-engine-c8-corvette.jpg
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  18. Youtube car accounts are all FUCKING SHIT.

    Playing at being journalists with daddy's money. f u c k all of them. I only watch videos from real automotive journalists like Harris, Catchpole, Frankel, Sutcliffe, etc. because they're the only guys who have some actual insight and the ability to convey the driving experience, and some real experience in reviewing cars as PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISTS.
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  19. Poor Kwembu
  20. I don't hate Hoovie's Garage. Though it does get old seeing him take every vehicle he has to the same mechanic even after he's admitted he doesn't have any specialty tools or knowledge.

    Replaced the whole gearbox on his M5 before he even tried reading the BMW specific fault codes, I can pretty much guarantee it was just a relay from the issues he was having.
  21. Hoovie doesn't pretend to know anything, though. His channel is basically all about how broken cheap luxury cars can be

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