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  2. Lol! Well, better get it, no matter what cause it's gonna break down!
    GM is shit.
  3. and you base this on what
  4. evidence, facts and truth
  5. History.
  6. If it weren't such an obvious misprint then maybe I'd be a little upset.
  7. show me all your facts and proof and evidence
  8. how about you prove me wrong first
  9. show me that you're not a FAGGOT.
  10. STFU, GM sucks and you know it, you already lost.
  11. and how am i to do that?
  12. i dont need to prove you wrong its you who needs to prove yourself right
  13. if GM sucks so muck how come ZR1s are kicking ass
  14. thats not what ur mum said
  16. DAMN.
  17. oh schnap!
  18. jdkleidon: best 2nd account ever
  19. PAWNED
  20. I knew what flames would be going on inside this thread and I even knew who would be fueling the fire as well....
  21. wow thats so funny
  22. Heh, tell me about it. Trolls like that is the main reason I barely visit this board these days. It seems this forum is infested with 15 year old tards.
  23. You're right!

    DJ-Klingon is the only truthful member here!
  24. Post your avatar.

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