Chevrolet S3X

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by MR2T, Sep 17, 2004.

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  2. looks good, the shape is kinda X5-ish...
  3. Very nice, like an RX-8 SUV
  4. looks like a bmw suv
  5. Very nice looking.
  6. From the name of it I thought it was going to be some sort of sporty 3 door hatch back.
  7. anymore pics yet?

    i like it so far
  8. am i the only one that thinks it looks ugly? at least in this first pic?
  9. i wonder if the soccor moms who will buy it will realize what the name means..
  10. I would like the styling if it was to be sporty SUV with car-like attributes.

    But if this design is going into the more rugged SUVs, it sure as hell wouldn't look right.
  11. looks nice....kinda like the equinox, which i also like
  12. for an SUV that looks like sex
  13. why's everybody copying Dodges low corners on their trucks/suvs now?
    everybody called them mad when they 1st did it, now look at em
  14. And Dodge took it from big rigs like Mack and International what's your point?
  15. The new Focus has 'em! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  16. Ever look at 1930's trucks? Where do you think Dodge got the idea?
  17. I like that, and being Diesel I want it even more.... quoting KRSONe1 "for an SUV that looks like sex "
  18. Being debuted at the Paris auto show next week, should know more then.

    EDIT: judging by the the huge tires/low profile rubber it will be sportier than the Vue/Equinox.
  19. huge ass emblem, I love it
  20. You know, I guess this styling wouldn't look so bad if it were to be a compact off-roader.

    It still shouldn't be next-generation Tahoe or Suburban, though.
  21. To quote the second post in that forum

    Brickfrenzy: "I mourn the loss of names.
    Everybody is making stupid letter-number combinations now.

  22. It IS an actual name. Just the middle letter is reversed to avoid controversy.
  23. Oh god, I didn't get that! I am betting they will change that soon!

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