Chevrolet Sport Ute (South Africa)

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Aych Es Vee, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. that thing would flop so hard in the US.
  2. I find it hard to believe that anything thats medium-large, RWD, with a 6L 535 bhp V8, would flop, in the US.
  3. Seems pretty Australian.
  4. too expensive, and not what most in the US want in a "truck"
  5. Considering the G8 was $30,000, I would expect this to end up being ~$27,000
  6. It's still not what we want in a truck. It's not rugged enough for truck use. No ground clearance, no 4WD, too low for most trailers, etc. And it's hideously ugly.
  7. yeah ok lets get into this 2.5 year old argument again!

    pretty sure we already reached the conclusion that americans are consumerist whores who only want a truck that has the ability tow a semi trailer with a house on top of it.

  8. lol, its not a truck.
    Its a ute. Good performance and good for throwing dirty work tools in the back
  9. But nobody in the US wants a vehicle like that. Got better or worse, I think that's the case.
  12. Not enough to justify selling it here. Do you think this is the first time it's been tried?

    Ford Ranchero
    Chevrolet El Camino
    Dodge Rampage
    Subarus BRAT and Baja
    That horrid VW Golf/truck thing

    None of them lasted. Some looked ok, some were practical, some went like stink. The El Camino almost qualifies as a success - but not quite.
  13. lol how much of a softcock amgrulz gets over utes lol
  14. HMm need a light duty truck, my choices are the Ranger, annddd the Colorado. Both happen to be total and complete garbage, have awful interiors and have awful engines/fuel economy

    but MRRRGHGHGH im American so ill buy the shitty utilitarian light truck instead of having a light truck that's stylish and fun to drive
  15. All of these had no justification over regular trucks aside from size. the big ones had fuel economy just as bad as trucks and the economical ones were too small and weak to really do anything
  16. The Ranchero was so shitty that they built it only for 22 years. Obviusly NO ONE wanted it...

    But the El Camino was worse, it only lasted 28 years in the market. What an awful business decision!

    I'm sure they lost money on all of them, stubborn and stupid execs...

    But thank god now gas is cheaper than what it costed back then, so it doesn't make sense to have a small utilitarian fake pickup truck instead of a REAL, FULL-SIZE vehicle for REAL MEN. Would much prefer a Ford F350 to go to work everyday than these POS asstralian fake trucks.
  17. No, your choices include the Toyota Tacoma, and the Nissan Frontier as well, which are far and away the better choices to make. This isn't an American v. Asstralian debate. It's Utes v Trucks.
  18. The F-series has that beat by a long shot. Chevy and Dodge have been making full-size trucks that long as well. While not exactly failures, utes never constituted more than a niche market.

    If you're going to have a small utilitarian truck, why do you need a V8 GM or Ford V8/turbo 6 Asstralian crapbox? If it's just a utilitarian vehicle, why does it need massive rims and a Saturn V grade engine? Your tools don't need sports car 1/4 mile times. You could more easily justify a Chevrolet Montana or a V6 Japanese truck like the Tacoma. The latter also offers 4WD, just in case you live in an area where precipitation occasionally falls from the sky, and where not all roads are paved. You have the added benefit of being able to take what you want wherever you want - not where the Dept. of Transportation have paved the way for you.

    If you need a one-ton grade truck, a Ute WILL NOT serve as a substitute. That is of course, assuming you NEED such a truck. Admittedly, quite a few buyers don't need such a vehicle, but get real, a giant SuperDuty is nothing like a Ute - so if you WANT one, you're never going to shop the other. Additionally, the SuperDuty offers a panoramic view of traffic around you. In the Ute, you get a lovely view of whatever is directly in front of, behind, or beside you. That wouldn't bother me (I drive a Civic, after all) but if you want a panoramic view, the Ute ain't gonna cut it.
  19. Oh, just one more thing...

    At $91,500 you could get a compact TRUCK and still have enough money leftover for something truly gorgeous and entertaining to drive for the price of this South African ute.

    Hell, you could buy a Golf GTI, use it like a ute, and get rid of it when the boot becomes unbearably dirty. And you could do it THREE TIMES (more if you buy used).
  20. is AMGrulz retarded?

    Raise your hand if you think he is.
  21. *raises hand*
  23. a ute is like a compromise of truck and car taking on both the worst elements of each ... however I love this & think AMG is a tard ...
  25. AMGrulz, making americans look bad since 2004

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