Chevrolet Sport Ute (South Africa)

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Aych Es Vee, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. I supported your Chevrolet Montana fantasy (did you ever buy it/why no pics/etc?). I suggest you cool it with the unfavorable comparisons.
  2. like 20 days to delivery!

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  3. amg is right
    this shit wont sell

    americans wont even buy wagons
    its the horrible truth
  4. Think about it like this:

    Sell a car you have total cost of 15k on for 25k. 10k profit. Sell that same car for 50k. Thats 3.5 times the profit. gotta sell a lot less of those.

    And the overhead on higher production vehicles is much higher (although a lower portion of vehicle cost). need huge plants, big labor forces, more/nicer tooling, more engineering time to appeal to larger audience, more marketing, etc in a large market.
  5. Three way cock sucking?
  6. Honestly, I've wondered myself sometimes how Holden and Ford Australia have managed to pull it off. Only thing that ever came to mind was the higher pricing you guys tend to pay for vehicles making it possible. And of course they do use plenty of components that the R&D is covered by American/Euro models(engines saving them a ton, and all the little doo dads/electronic bits that are inevitably shared).

    As far as why they can't sell them here when they're already making them there... As has been mentioned, shipping probably plays some part in it. Also the American market (for every type of consumer goods) is SUPER cut throat. We pay less for nearly everything here because it's such a large and competitive market, so I'd imagine their margins here would be thin. Then of course they'd have to run it through American crash tests, which can become surprisingly expensive because of the bureaucracy.

    That said, I still don't see how they couldn't make a go of it with reasonable prospects of making a profit. But it's probably just that they don't want to, and would rather invest elsewhere in some other project. Capital isn't infinite. ESPECIALLY for GM.

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