Chevy is going JAP and CRAP!

Discussion in '2008 Veritas RS III Prototype' started by canasn, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. At least they took away the Skyline lights
  2. In case you haven't noticed Mr. GT-500E, Ford is also doing the same thing, look at the 500, it looks almost exactly like a Lexus LS, and the Fusion is built on the Mazda 6 platform. As far as Chevy going down, I don't understand what you mean, they were the best selling brand in the United States in 05, the first time in like 20 years that has happened.
  3. so they continue making jap type cars in america
    however compact cars are more in demand
  4. This thread is gay. The new Impala is 100 times better than the previous generation with more power, a more refined engine and interior, and sharper (if not boring looking) exterior. Would you rather they bring back the 2003 Impalas?
  5. Have you not noticed that this is the look that SELLS cars? People in the Impala's target demographic tend to like the look of the Camry and Accord... nothing flashy, but it sells.
  6. Na, this is what sells, bring back the original 2 door long body impala with three circle taillights two projection lights on the front, long body with a V6 and a V8 option. Make the front end slant a little, and drop it straight down (kinda like the new camaro concept) and add a 4 door to the lineup. THEN U WILL HAVE A NICE SELLING IMPALA, Everybody from the older generation from the Lowrider fanatics to everyday people will get that car, THATS HOW U MAKE A CAR. Not get a god damn Australian car and rebadging it.
    THIS IMPALA IS AN EMBARRACEMENT TO THE IMPALA NAMEPLATE, god damn Australian rebadged piece of shit!!!!!

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