Chevy needs to make a supercar.

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  1. Ford has the GT-40, and Dodge has the Viper GTS and SRT-10. Chevy only has a Corvette. Don't get me wrong. I love the Corvette, but it's just crazy-performing, affordable sports car.
    If Chevy was to make a supercar, they should make some super Corvette, or bring back the ZR-1, ZL-1, or make a Corvette Super Sport, or maybe even bring back the Stingray.
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    The Viper isn't a supercar either.
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    How do you guage a supercar? If you're talking sheer performance, than the Vette is as much of a supercar as the 911 turbo and 360 Modena (take that whichever way you want). If you're going to talk build quality and exclusivity then no, the Vette is not a Supercar.
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    Corvette is a supercar. It's called the z06, and it can take the viper srt-10. its been done, the z06 beat the srt-10 on the track. Its been around for 50 years. Have you ever heard of the C5-R? It wins the Le mans every year, how is that not a supercar? And if you think about, Dodge is the one that needs to build a supercar. Any car company can slap an 8.3 liter V10 into a sleek body. Supercars are tweeked for high performance, Dodge just drops a huge engine into an aerodynamic body and claims dominance. Do you know why the viper doesnt win in the le mans any more? because the engine size limit is 8.0 liters. dodge is worthless.

    New supercar from Toyota! 8.3 liter V10! goes 0-60 in 4.1 seconds! wow, thats a supercar!
  5. Re: Chevy needs to make a supercar. seem to be contradicting yourself.
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    unless of course you're being sarcastic<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    im not being sarcastic, and i dont get how i contradicted myself. please explain.
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    You complained about Dodge's 8.3L V-10, and then said how great Toyota's new supercar will be, yet it also has an 8.3L v-10 and has 0-60 similar to the Viper.
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    did u see the exclamation marks? that was completely obvious to everyone else. that should be a no-brainer. but just in case you still dont get it, i am making fun of dodge with a joke about toyota. yeah it was sarcastic, but read the rest of the post, thats what counts.
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    Already had read the rest of it, I don't think anyone else saw it, what's your point about the exclamation marks? How was that a joke about Toyota, and finally, you're still not making all that much sense.
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    O MY GOD

    The last 3 sentences werent even the point of my post, just sarcasm, which i flat out told you when you cried about it.

    i said that any car can build an 8.3 liter engine, therefore dodge is worthless. and at the end of my post, using exclamation points, i said, "New supercar from Toyota! 8.3 liter V10! goes 0-60 in 4.1 seconds! wow, thats a supercar!"

    now what do u think that could mean? toyota builds a bunch of 4-cylinder engines right? so when i used the same specs as a viper about this magical sarcastic toyota, i was reaffirming my point. which is that any car company can build an 8.3 liter V10 and slap it into a sleek body. that is basically the definition of sarcasm; I used a company that would never build this car, but had the easiest capability to do so. This emphasizes that dodge proves nothing by building the viper. SARCASM, my god, my little cousin is 6 and he would understand this. i almost gave u some respect because of your 1500 posts, but then you still didnt understand, so i guess my opinion of you just dropped dramatically. you gurus take every last word to be the most important part of the post, if you would just slow down and read it would make sense to you.

    my god, all this from guys who love the vette
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    "Fit the engine to the task and make it work" has got to be one of the best ways of thinking when discussing cars. Why, pray tell, would Dodge have to use a smaller engine for the Viper? Yeah, they could use a 3L engine, but did you ever stop to think that Dodge may not want a car with the power band of an S2000 or RX-8? The Viper V-10 makes more torque AT IDLE than the 360 Modena does ANYWHERE.

    When's the last time Honda or Toyota delivered a car with 500 lb/ft of torque? Never. When's the last time Honda or Toyota delivered an engine above 4 or so litres? Obviously, somewhere along the way, you missed the whole point of the Viper, so the car's obviously not for you. Does that means Dodge is useless? Not to anyone thinking clearly.

    -Side Note: I am not insinuating that Honda and Toyota are inferior in any way. I'm simply pointing out the differences between the two. Both are great companies.
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    HELLO............ I never said honda or toyota cwould build this, i said they could if they wanted to. and im not suggesting 3.0L, a$$. im saying that 8.3L is a joke.

    its good to know that the viper delivers so much power while it is just sitting there. so when its punching out at idle, we'll send a vette to smoke by it.
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    Are you drunk or something!?
    If the Corvette isn't a supercar then what is?

    Hell, The Corvette is THE Supercar and has been around for over 50 years and has inspired many contemporary sportscars.
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    Yeah man! You always seems to be on point! Good post.
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    sorry to bust your hump mustang boy, but i know a guy with a 428 super cobra jet, and he said 'sometimes it'll even grab second even with the auto." personally i think this is hillarious b/c my 71 chevelle 307cid will grab second in an auto without even trying very hard and my dads gmc sierra will smoke the tires in second... i just thought it was funny; i actually like that car, but i found it funny when he said that
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    1st of all, I love the Z06, but I love the SRT-10 and the GTS more. The SRT-10 runs 11s bone stock. Put some slicks and you're talking close to 10s. How's that for under 100k? A Z06 is fast, but not 11s fast. It's 12s fast. And, like that one guy said....the cars are completely different. America likes bigger displacement, N/A cars. Japanese likes tiny displacement w/ turbos, Europe likes cars w/ 800 valves that will rev to 30,000 rpm. The Euros and Japs are more in common, because they rely on engine speed to make the power, not the torque, which us Americans is how we like it. We like that we can be going in 4th gear at 2000 rpm, and not have to down shift to easily overtake a car in traffic. It's how we like it.
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    You're generalizing.

    Europeans cars represent everything from large displaced naturally aspirated engines with plenty of torque found in the TVR Speed 12 to small displaced powerful turbo engines such as the VAG 1.8T.
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    The 2006 is said to have 500hp and will lay the GT40 and SRT-10 to waste as well as Ferrari Modena and Porsche 996. That will be Chevy's supercar.
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    So the new Z06 with it's rumoured 500HP engine going to beat a pure supercar like the GT, Keep dreaming man.500HP 500ftlbs of torque easily upgraded with cheap parts like a supercharger pulley and shit.The z06 will get wasted, The GT is made for racing plain and simple.Look at the stats on the thing in the engine,handling,body etc..
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    Do you realize how much the new GT is gonna cost?? Im not talking msrp either.. this is a limited production sports car! do you realize what the dealer markup is gonna be??a good 10-15 thousand more than msrp probably even more. im willing to bet this thing is gonna cost well into the 60-80 thousand dollar range while the production Zo6's price should generally remain the same maybe 2 or 4 thousand more. But any ways the Corvette is the original and true american sports car period. No the viper not the GT, The Chevrolet Corvette BABY!
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    Honda and Toyota have prooven themselves worthy in everyway, their engine might be small and everything, but their cars are still keeping up with some your american cars.

    I hope you know Toyota is suppose to be coming out with a brand new Supra, or the word is out, it suppose to be a V8 or V10 and they might be Twin Turbo if im correct with over 500Hp

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    The 05 zo6 is gonna have 500 hp N/A no forced induction needed no 2 more pistons needed.
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    And I'm guessing it's going to be even less reliable then it is already
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    Unreliable? they are a hell of alot more reliable than the viper or the cobra or pretty much any other car in its class.

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