Chevy needs to make a supercar.

Discussion in '2002 Chevrolet Corvette Z06' started by ShadowAngelOfGod77, Mar 14, 2003.

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    And some people ignore that
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    Then they dont deserve to be owning such a great car like the ZO6. Having a car break down because of irresponsibility does not make it an unreliable car. It just means the owner is a dumbass.
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    I saw the weirdest thing the other day, I saw a old man, was at least 70 years old crusing down the street in a Diablo
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    I think this is just as much of a supercar as a Ferrari is. I am pretty sure that you can get a Corvette Z06 for about 50,000 - 52,000. I have read about this car in many different magazines and they all agree on one get the most performance per dollar with the Corvette Z06.
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    the Z06 is not a supercar. the Viper Srt-10 has supercar performance. It will beat out most ferraris, lambos, porsches, and other brands. (not the word "most"). the one time i heard of a Z06 beating an SRT-10 around the track was when they raced the viper with the top down and the AC on full blast, and the Z06 without the AC on. The guys at dodge knew the aerodynamics were crappy on the viper, and it still is freakin fast. if the viper had good aerodynamics, it would be a fully-fledged supercar. it would completely destroy the vette on any track. As it is, the viper only lost the race by 0.2 seconds.
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    Theres the key word "lost"
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    which race are you talking about
    every time i've read about a SRT-10 and a ZO6 in a race other than a drag race the ZO6 has always won
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    OMG lol. You are not calling dodge a supercar...becauseall they have is a big 8.3 l V10 engine. But then you praise the toyota with an 8.3 liter v10.

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    Chevy needs to make a supercar.

    Consider this the '02 Corvette Z06 is the best performing stock front engine-rear car. Now how is that not a supercar?????. This thing has a comparible 0-60 time with the Ferrrari Koenig F512.
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    Wow, id never think id hear that from a Ferrari lover(sepcially sence Chevy and Ferrari r arch rivals). and u r rite, this is a supercar.
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    Bring back the Corvette Cerv III Concept!!
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    wow that waz COMPLETLY random
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    how is this not a supercar? i'd really like to know? name one thing it doesn't have that a 'supercar' does... i mean, it has style, aerodynamics, world class acceleration, braking, cornering, and track times, and the 2004 (last year of the c5) z06 becomes the first production supercar to have a carbon fiber hood, and my guess is that it will run just a bit faster than its 03 predecessor thanks to the weight savings. i really fail to see how this does not qualify as a supercar, it has extremely high marks in every category except for price, which would seem to be its only non-supercar quality.
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    u gatta b kidding me?!? who r the front runners in ALMS GTS class?!? Chevy and Ferrari, and they will b 4 years 2 come.
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    ... lots of cars have carbon fiber hoods stock, look at the zonda. its all CF.

    heres why its not a supercar: FAR too comon, has no aura.,no1 stares in awe when they see one. it does not have the style of a supercar, far to bland lookin, has a complete lack of interior, has lots of cheap plastic on the interior, no1 stops and is like dayam! when you say you own a corvette/z06.

    supercars arent only proformance, but the entire package. people are like damn! when i say my dad has a 996. people are like. yay. you own a corvette.

    and that us why you fail
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    Well it doesn't have good aerodynamics and it probably won't have in future models. Also you say the dodge lost by only 0.2 seconds, there is a quote in 'fast and the furious' which is a shit movie but it's a very good and accurate quote. It goes, " I't doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning's winning". That goes the same with that test and the thing is the Viper has a shitload more power.
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    Maybe it's common because it's AFFORDABLE! You're telling me that a supercar isn't a supercar if it doesn't cost over 200k? gimme a break... Im gonna argue against every point you just made...

    Too Common: See Above

    No Aura: Hello, it's been around for ummmm... 50 Years!!! How many cars can say that?

    No One stares in awe when they see one: I do! Along with a lot of other people i know

    Doesn't have style of a supercar: what's a supercars style? also, the new ones look like a Ferrari, or is that not a supercar?

    Too Bland: See Above

    Complete lack of interior: Agree on '04's and earlier, but the argument is no longer valid on the new Vette's... the interior is gorgeous for a $50k sports car

    Lot's of cheap plastic: See Above

    No one stops and says "dayam" when you say you own a Vette/Z06: I do! Especially modded ones... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    I would also think better of a person who owns a Z06 over a regular 996... for the 50k or more that you save on the Vette, you could send it over to Lingenfelter and have them put in a 427TT and never have to worry about losing to any car again... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    The corvette is a supercar. I think what the person who started this thread meant to say was they need a supercar to take on the likes of the Carrera GT, the Ferrari Enzo, all of the Koenigseggs, the Lambo Murciathingy (cant spell it, dont want to try) If that is what he mean then he is right the corvette is a Supercar but only to certain car like the 360, 550m, 575, Gallardo, Viper, ect. Those are all VERRRRY fast. Chevy does need to make the Cien, which they plan to do along with a mid engine Vette and a version of the Sixteen.
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    I see your point... i've always just loved muscle cars with big engines that go fast, but as far as build quality... well im not saying its poor but its nowhere near as nice as a Z06. I believe motor trend or somebody said the Z06 isnt as fast, but its much better behaved than the Viper. While driving a Z06 the ride is comfortable, while the Viper rattles and shakes here and there, its more of a weekend car. I do think dodge should make a better performing overall road car, vs the viper is not something people would love driving daily, its just too ... monsterous. If they'd make something somewhat more affordable that acted better, and could drive everyday, it'd be nice. I think the corvette has always been a very nice car, i see men driving them every day! I like the fact its a nice sports car but isnt going to need a lot of attention and can be driving daily with no problems.

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