Chevy only built 20 L88's

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  1. These cars are worth +$700,000 because Chevy only produced 20 of these Corvettes.And there performance is great for an antique
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    Actually the turn key price was 45000 and they produced 115 of them.
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    427 L88 motors were bieng tested in late 65, then in 67 20 vettes were produced , in 68 80 were produced ,and in 69 116 were produced.but dick keineth made the first L88 in 63 which won the daytona in 63, then the motor was sent to roger penske for testing.
    dick guldstrand was the first driver for testing the motor, there is actually more out there that were made for race tests in 1966 , good luck finding them, because they were only used for racing tests
    for the legend zora . happy hunting !!
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    20 is correct from the numbers musclecar tv gave
    12 still exist I think
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    no they produced 20 in 67 80 in 98 and 116 in 69(woot!!!)
    Courtesy of corvette magazine.
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    prolyl not worth that much
    there were only 4 corvettes with L-89's made in 69 but there is one on ebay right now for $100k

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