chevy S-10

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Chevy, Aug 29, 2004.

  1. i seem one with a spoiler on the back of it
  2. i saw a sierra C3, it had a spoiler on it too
  3. This isn't the truck forum.
  4. ive seen a shitload of old nissan trucks with spoilers, i forgot the name of the model though.
  5. schlong
  6. most of the ppl on S-10 forum are ricers
  7. It's funny when I see one with a spoiler.
  8. anyone else think the spoiler on the Dodge SRT-10 looks retarded?
  9. let see a picture

    1200 POSTS!
  10. how does it look retarded, n00b? at least it doesn't handle retarded-ish. It's a very badass truck. Who cares how it looks?
  11. I think it looks ok
    nothing special, but I wouldn't rip it off if I got 1

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