Chevy Volt revealed!

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Aych Es Vee, Sep 8, 2008.

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  2. yeah not a big fan of the grill, but for what it is i think it looks very nice. it does look a lot like an acura from the front though... i'd like to see more pictures without the people in them, so far its looking very good, much better than the prius.
  3. Every picture has a queer.
  4. cool they designed the 2008 honda civic
  5. Holy shit, I know Tony Posawatz in real life. Like, I talk to him often. I had no idea this was his project... damn...
  6. Yeah, a little too Prius/Civic-like in design... but it's pretty cool.
  7. Agreed. It looks like a Prius. I di.dn't know the design changes would make it look so gay.
  8. #$%# YOU CHEVY!
  9. looks like a hybrid.
  10. All I see are pedophiles and nuns. Wheres the car?
  11. It looks a lot better than Prius if anything.
  12. Yeah i actually agree, plus its way better than the prius in terms of its running gear
  13. Who are all the pedo fat #$%#s posing with the car? is this an ad for a car or for men's clothing?
  14. Way to make the awesome Volt concept into an Acura Civic.
  15. should have kept the originals front end/headlights
  16. its big point was the 40 mile commuter range, so making it look like many other commuter cars makes sense. still, the volt concept looked cooler
  17. I don't think it's the most flattering color but the carlooksprety nice
  18. thats what i was thinking, this isnt as sports car like the concept looked, its not going to be fast, its going to be fuel efficient. im glad they are making a car that both car enthusiasts and the average commuter can get excited for, but i think it was pretty obvious which group was going to get catered to for the styling.
  19. Not my cup of tea... But it could be worse! LOL at them putting a front grill on it that actually has no place for air to flow into(for the aerodynamics no doubt) but making it's design look like a normal grill! It looks like it MIGHT bring in a tiny bit of air, but not enough for normal engine cooling. I imagine they have some crafty ass cooling system for the generator (WTF, isn't that weird to say?) that is small and light since it won't be used often.
  20. Fake grill ftl
  21. I hope thats not a real car there, because that fake painted on grill is AWFUL
  22. I'm about 90% sure that is not painted on.

    Looks better then the Prius. I'd pimp it as a DD.
  23. It's as if they held a contest to see who could look like the biggest tool next to the car.

    I declare them all the winner.
  24. thats the point lul

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